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Lord’s Nets and tuition – awesome!

Lord's 2012
Lord’s 2012

Comrades, do you recognise what you see in the faces of these happy players? Yes, it’s satisfaction and pleasure! It was Wednesday 23rd May 2012. Temperature outside was about 27 degrees and add another five on that to match the inside temp’ – very hot.

Two nets booked, one instructor, Faisal, and one bowling machine. Then two hours of sweaty, crickety fun followed! Those comrades in attendance were (as per picture) Brandonovski, Chipmonkski, Samovar, Yuri and Ilyeva. Each receiving a good dose of balls and instruction. Faisal was excellent; A few words of choice instruction and we would improve. Open your body, follow the ball, lift up a bit – all worked fabulously well.

After the training we had all truly benefited from the session and were full of good talk and cricket. The academy has a fantastic view of the training grounds behind Lord’s and of course, a great bar. The sun set slowly on a hot night of training and we were set to planning a world tour – in time!
We shall organise another session mid-season, so do yourselves a favor, comrades… and come along!



News – Up and Coming, Comrades!

Guy Wilson with Tea

This is a quick news update as we must draw together, brave ones. Please, comrades, can you help us?


Nets tonight at 6-8pm at the Hub but Saturday’s match details:

Full location details are here: http://2ht.2f2.mywebsitetransfer.com/?event=penn-street-cc-v-scc

But, show up at 13:00 unless, you receive a call from Oli and I to tell you not to. The weather may catch us out. Everyone’s season so far has been waterlogged and it may happen to us, so be aware. Fingers crossed. The team list so far:

  1. Buster Blackledge  – comrade
  2. Mark Blackledge – comrade commissar Captain
  3. Peter Brandon – comrade
  4. Tony Dickie – comrade commissar
  5. Tim Graham – comrade commissar
  6. Olivier Lauchenauer – comrade commissar
  7. Dan March – comrade commissar
  8. Philip Richardson – comrade commissar
  9. Tim Richardson – comrade
  10. Andrew Sewell – comrade
  11. Sam Kankanamge – comrade
There is a London South West contingent of Tony, Phil and Tim R.
Suffolk: Mark B and Buster
Hampstead/Highgate: Oli L, Tim G, Peter B,
Extras: Dan M – Seven Sisters
Andrew S – Far West
and Sam – Harrow
Huds in nets


Wednesday 23rd May 2012, NETS AT LORDS !!!

Follow this link for details : http://2ht.2f2.mywebsitetransfer.com/?event=lords-cricket-academy-nets-practice

Comrades, you should be biting my fingers off for an opportunity like this.  £40 and it’s two nets, 6-8pm with batting tuition – come on!

Email me or oli at work or as: phil@sohocricketcollective.com or olivier@sohocricketcollective.com



Follow this link for details : http://2ht.2f2.mywebsitetransfer.com/?event=scc-v-royal-marsden-teams

We need at least two more players for this match. It is great fun and a great day out. All for charity… Yes, it’s £150.00 but you will get that back and more due to the good will and love it will induce in all of you! It is a 7-10 a side and the list so far is:

  1. Olivier Lauchenauer – comrade commissar
  2. Philip Richardson – comrade commissar Premier
  3. Tim Richardson – comrade
  4. Andrew Sewell – comrade
  5. Rob Dixon – comrade commissar
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?

Please, guys and girls… fill those places!

You know how to get hold of us, comrades. Make yourselves feel special and say YES!

Love on, comrades… Yuri



Lord’s Cricket Academy

Lord's Nets

Comrades. This is my cunning little plan. I would like to gather about ten SCC faithful (and unfaithful) together and go along to Lord’s to partake of two hours of intensive batting and bowling practice. We shall take two nets, one dedicated to batting with a bowling machine and the other dedicated to bowling. Both will come with an instructor who will be annoyingly excellent, but also be able to point out simple errors in our games.

I want to organise this in the next two weeks as they have just opened their books. We should look at the mid to the end of October this year. The cost will be about £20-£30 and will be discounted if you have paid your subs. So please, if you are keen to get stuck in and have a booster to your game, then get back to me with good days of the week and good times and dates that are off.

This will happen one way or the other, but it will be an easier ride for me, comrades, if you help me out!


Lord's Pavillion