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MATCH REPORT – PSCC v SCC 17th May 2014

40 overs, timed.
PSCC win by 4 wickets on 225 runs. 
SCC 89 all out

2014-05-17 19.42.36
Altmananov and Thomas Pedeez

Penn Street is always a good game to start the season and this year was no different. Weather was sufficiently dry and it brightened up as the evening wore on. I undertook a big gamble by bringing Kate and the twins along and may I say, how lovely and supportive everyone was. Hats off to Comrade Altmananov for performing top baby management with a very dribbly Thomas.

PSCC batted first and the wicket which was not very dry and still had a scent of British Spring to it. Our bowling commenced not too badly, myself and Yankheroff starting okay. The latter with 39 off 8 overs – good work, comrade. I was 43 off 9 with a wicket maiden and 2 wickets (that felt nice) – Reevey and Smith, both high on the off stump.

Samovar and Soldya performing like a beautiful duet and the latter catching Sutherland. How reassuring to get stuck into the top three wickets for 95.  Chipmunkski was up for 2 wickets, an catch from Jontin and a clean bowled too. Nib Nib Nib, comrade~! Then shortly after Jontin clean bowled Armiger to much jubilation.

We did our best and had the overs complete for tea at half four. They had notched up a sturdy 225 runs and we knew then that a draw was probably the best option to play for. Shame!

2014-05-17 19.47.04 HDR
It’s all over

In bat, Mullertov and Soldya made not a bad opening. Soldya of course had his eye on his taxi that was waiting to take him into town so perhaps that opened up his style and he was out caught for 5. Highest scorers were Mullertov and Cobramovich at 20 and 19 respectively. 60 balls face by Cobramovich so a good draw making eye.

Chipmunkski has benefited from winter nets and was respectable at 12 off 44 balls. Good and solid work. The rest of us fell to some excellent bowling but I felt that in all, the SCC is improving with the bat – Good work comrades.



PSCC Innings
SCC Innings

Match Report: Penn Street CC v SCC Friday 18th May 2013

Penn match report

Draw – timed game 20 overs after 18:30
Penn Street 180 for 7
SCC 171 for 7


Subjectivity works like a champagne soaked visor, the delicate fumes of which drift down a comrade’s schnoz and paint a draw into a glorious result. Not falsely either, for we look at our history and improvement in skills and are rightly glorious in Saturday’s result.

Penn street CC were as ever welcoming, warm and offering a superb pitch and environs. True, still moist from recent rains but quite resilient to the spikes and although throwing up the odd pitched ball, was eminently worthy of a great game. The weather held up. Thick and sticky warm air with cloud and then spurts of hot sun, enough for a red neck tan and a thirst for coo lager. We were a team of 12 and I decided to institute a new convention; If  a twelth man/woman comes along to offer support, they will receive a bottle of wine from the Premier himself (At present, moi) Consequently, Vladimir Boringski was suurprised and delighted to be our first ever recipient of the 12th man award!

Vladimir 12th man
Vladimir 12th man

We waddled into fielding first and after the applause died quietly away, the bowling commence by my good self and brother, Yuri and Chimpmunkski. Facing were Smith and Sutherland. My style at the moment is to narrowly avoid wickets but keep the scores low. Managed that, but if I had appealed there was an LBW but i seem to lose site of the ball as it reaches the bat, need to improve. Chipmunkski was hard at his nib nib nibbing. Smith had got 4 fours and some steady defence but some skillful field work between Chipmunkski and Brandonovski ran him out. His opening partnership at 35. Briggs came onto the field, I think with a view to take a mortgage on the crease.

It then took a similar amount of overs, now up to 20, for the next wicket. My initial spell over, Samovar replaced me. Chipmunkski stood down too, his 8 overs going for 34 runs so just over 4 per over which is a good improvement and the winter nets clearly show. Good work.

Samovar was bowling, as ever, like a glass shard down a lubricated drain pipe. Robski had padded out his gloves with cold herring and was barely feeling the pain of the impact. Samovar was warming up. But attention! New comrade, John Hirst (nickname tbc). His style is rather elegant with a cheery wrist flick at the release, good length and line and enough to fox the Sutherland’s bat. A swoosh, a wallop and Cobramovich had the ball in his educated hands and Sutherland was out for 30. But a good knock and patiently taken. Samovar was limbered up. Herriot joined Briggs into bat.

The pace and line was hard to keep up with as I stood Mid-On; A flashing arm, A dab of edge, Marx-B reacting, a cheer – a great slip catch! Great bowl, great catch and Herriott was in and out for none. A very valuable wicket indeed.

SCC Team 18 May 2013
SCC Team 18 May 2013

By now Penn were on 84 off 23 overs and there was a feel of tension in the air. Our spirited Chirruping in the field helps. So who was next, Exton. His knock proved valuable to Penn and was certainly a bit costly, containing two 6s and three 4s off Hirst and Soldya. But our captain Marx decided to have an over and promptly bowled Exton. This felt like a great wicket to take as he had been getting into his stride. The captain’s logic is unique and he promptly stopped bowling… Cmr cms Marx, do please bowl more!

Egan now in to face Cobramovich. Three foxing lofted wonders hissed out from the palm of a cobra and then kerplunk, bowled clean for 1. The effect on the field we wonderful and Penn was now at 130 for 5 off 31 overs. Could we actually contain the runs. Last year was over 250 so this looked encouraging.

Soldya and Cobramovich were partnering up the bowling the field was set for catching. But who was still patting and knocking his way along? Briggs. Walked on the pitch at 14:42 and was still there at 16:30. Very solid and calm. However, Cobramovich plopped a tempter to his bat and with a staggering lurch and eyes like and eagle, captain Marx reached forward and held fast the ball. Twice in a short time he took a valuable wicket. Top leading by example, I say.

A brilliant way to end a good match in the field followed as Slade was runout by an amazing throw from Samovar off Soldya. I would say that the throw was straight and covered fifty yards low and fast. Splash went the bails and great work Samovar.

So our fielding session ended and was truly illustrious. Great throwing from Samovar, Brandonovski, Sewelski and Hirst. fantastic catches from Marx, Cobramovich and run out from ChipMunkski. Bowling and fielding nifty ness from Soldya and Jontin and if course, amazing, palm bruising stops from Robski…. You may now remove the herring.

A delicious tea later and at 17:22 we were in bat. Brandonovski and Hirst opened. The former was still keen from his BAFTA success but the gods of willow were against him and after four dots, Goodchild offered him an offside shorter delivery that was caught by Hammond for 0. Queue some air wafting and an exit. Jontin in.


I was umpiring and keen to learn on the field as much as I could at Strikers end. However I wasn’t keen to develop my finger pointing but Hirst was stumped by Exton by a good three feet and I had no choice but to lift my digit. Sorry comrade. Samovar to the crease.

Looking at Jontin’s entry, there are twelve dots before his first boundary 4. I was looking at his expression for those dots and I would describe it as simpering internal fury. BUT… The tide began to turn and the dots reduce and the runs increase. Samovar, who said he was not focused, still placed a useful 15 in a quarter of an hour before succumbing bowled to McAndrews.

Captain Marx
Captain Marx

Captain Marx was now out in the field. He had been chatting to the oppo scorer, The Magnificent Cally, who said I had had an LBW but hadn’t appealed. Just what you need to hear! But all forgiven as what followed from Marx and Jontin was a partnership of 90 lasting over two hours. Finally Goodchild bowled Jontin for 77 but his knock placed us in a really good place and a chance to win or a least force a draw. Eleven 4s in total and a great couple of hours of batting.

Cobramovich and Sewelski soon perished to Goodchild too but by now it was ten to eight and Soldya and the lower orders were required to cling on to the chance of a draw, a win possible but unlikely. On the last ball I was in and took a single but we were safely drawn by then. Both teams exhibited exemplary sporting appreciation and all chatted raucously about the great day in the pub.

There were many great acts of sporting prowess and finesse in the match by us all. We can all be proud. I must commend Jontin with all respect for his great knock, a performance which lifted the total to a point where even victory was possible. But comrade of the match for me was our captain Marx who took fantastic catches, a wicket and then batted a fab 43 to support Jontin in his stand. Lead by example!

Comrades, congratulations on a great game, a great day and a good step in the future of the SCC.

Do Svidaniya!!


Penn St Innings
Penn St Innings


SCC innings
SCC innings

Match Report: PSCC v SCC 19th May 2012

Squirrel pub

Comrades, we thank you and stand saluting the brave that mustered themselves for our opening game of the 2012 season. And what a game it was, with all of the ups and downs and drops and boundaries that make an SCC game worthy of the name. But in particular, the comradely atmosphere won out and helped us feel glorious in the face of defeat.

Penn Street CC play on the main ground opposite the squirrel and it was in that establishment we took lunch and an opening pint. Before us lay the field of battle and captains tossed resulting in PSCC batting first. It was timed game with tea at 16:15 and then 20 overs at 18:30.

Opening bowler of Yuri and brother, Chipmonkski produced a wicket (thank you!) and 55 runs. Not too bad but I feel some missed lbws! The wicket was S.BOYLE, bowling Yuri and a MAGNIFICENT slip catch by Cobramski (Top job, Cobra!)

New bowlers of Cobramski and Buster Marx came in. At this point, our fielding flaws were amply illustrated by many dropped catches. Cobramski serves up a tempting whack and in the right field, we would have taken several wickets with catches from his illusssssssssssive style. As captain Marx said in a post match interview:

“It was a really good game and if we’d taken out catches I think we’d have won, especially if you consider that their main bat was dropped twice early in his innings. I think we should go for timed games for the time being.”

Words of great wisdom comrades! Cobramski’s session ended at six overs for a score that is not required to advertise – if we bolted on the three wickets we could have caught, it would negate all scale! So who to replace? Samavoy – “I can’t bowl today” – KanKan. Well he certainly could bowl despite his injury. In fact, over his bowling he took the wickets of R.Slade and P.Goodchild with  Sutherland out behind – top Wicket keeping, Markx! Soldya Grannma had a short spell and for that, managed a good wicket, stump out, of J.Slade. A happy Soldya went home that night.

Andropov to collect

So in the field, we counted at least twelve dropped catches. We shall work on this comrades. But some good bowling and all was not lost.

Batting brought us out onto the field feeling… special. Not down-hearted as the day was too set fare for that. But perhaps a little daunted at there score of 243 for 7 (score card is wrong). Special mention by the way to C.Fletcher of PSCC who declared at 163.

Cobramski and Brandonov opened the batting. Stay in and solid was the orders (timed game!) and both had heads down. Cobramski took 24 balls and Brandonov, 39. Both produced a total of 7 runs – This is what we call solid defiance, and comrades, Yuri salutes you. This hopefully set in the minds of the opposition that we were here to stay. Cobramski was bowled by Goodchild and no sooner had Antonov Dickster walked out than he walked back. No comment, Tony!

Markx ambled out. The solid defensive wall that is our captain held true. Check this out, comrades: Before being bowled out Lofty, he took 23 runs off 78 balls. We must learn more brick wallness in these situations and watch Markx’s style. Captain, we salute you!

Other batting results: Markx-B (Buster) 23, caught and bowled – a good knock and thank you, comrade! Soldya, caught Fletcher for 12 but by ‘eck – i feel double that before the summer is set in! Chipmonkski, a defiant 1 off 11 balls but great defence of the wicket and partnering. Ilyeva – 2 off 15 balls – utter defiance comrade commissar treasurer!

Yuri loses chin
Yuri loses chin

Andropov Sewelski and Yuri now come together to fend off thirty plus balls for the draw. We tried comrades, and came within less than a dozen to pull it off. Andropov taking 9 off 16 balls and Yuri finally caught by Herriot at 6 runs off 24 balls.

Close comrades! Very close. This season we shall take a draw and who knows….

Semper Sodales, Fors et Victores!