20/20 – The Breath of Life vs SCC



  1. Andropov Sewelski
  2. Bennettov – Guest and future comrade
  3. Brandonovski
  4. Chipmonkski
  5. Deanov Key-wia : VCC Guest
  6. Guyinski Wilson – returning comrade
  7. Ilyeva Lunch-Hour: collecting match fees at £10.00
  8. JontinVCC Guest: wicky?
  9. Robertov Dixwicky?
  10. Soldya Auntie Forratenna
  11. Yuri Pedeez – comrade commissar premier: team captain

This is an evening 20/20 match starting at 17:30 and going on to 2030.

Due to the Olympics I strongly suggest to get there before 17:00 as you probably wont otherwise, if you get my drift!

Sam, from the Breath of Life is offering some Sri Lankan catering which sound delicious and should get our taste buds going!

If the weather forces and early cancel, we will let you all know by 16:00



Bookings are closed for this event.

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