Grace Cup Charity Tournament



Wednesday 21st May, Roehampton, London: Imagine a whole day of cricket, wound into a six over tournament against other teams, some of whom we have defeated. Great food, music, barbecue and trophies! Each year we have done it, it has been fantastic fun. Watch a short film and check it out by clicking Sewelski, below:

Sewelski Swipes at Grace Cup
The David Adams Leukaemia Appeal is the charity concerned and they operate within The Royal Marsden Hospital. It is a great cause and they need plenty of support and we can do that through playing cricket! The venue is The Bank of England Sports Ground. It has four outstanding pitches and plenty of facilities. It’s great!Okay… It will cost you £175.00 and the SCC is also topping that up. But the benefits are:

  • Astonishing wickets – mirror smooth and very well kept
  • At least four six over matches – a lot of pacey cricket
  • Great breakfast and lunch supplied with live music
  • Incredible comradery.
  • Serving a great cause that will make you feel tippety top.
  • Oh… and stats count to end of year SCC stat based awards!

So comrades, please volunteer. We need to put up a team of 7-10 fine types like you! No disappointment and you will feel great when it’s all over. We may even win some more matches? Email me now to say you volunteer: Thank you comrades!


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