SCC versus BAFTA CC 20/20 – Friday May 3rd



Friday May 3rd 17:00 – 21:00

King George’s Field
Ham Street
TW10 7RS

This pitch booking is made and as long as the newly formed BAFTA CC are able to secure their team, we shall have a 20-20 with them at this new venue for us all.

IF the oppo is unable to make 11, we shall either share players SO KEEP ON SIGNING UP – or turn the session into open field practice and employ previous scoring techniques from last year – These were a great success and proved invaluable, so whatever – make the date, comrades!


Ham Street Pitch Entrance
Ham Street Pitch Entrance

TEAM: (Up to 17 places probably due to Oppo numbers being down!)

  1. Yuri P – Phil
  2. Ilyeva Lunch hour – Oli
  3. Robski – Rob D
  4. Samovar Sam K
  5. Altmananov John A
  6. Chipmonkski – Tim R
  7. Captain Cobramovich – Tim G
  8. Soldya Old iPhone for TenQuidski – Dan M
  9. Brandonovski – Pete B
  10. Tom Mayhew – Tomsk
  11. Vladimir BoringskiCharlie 
  12. Marx B – Mark B
  13. Jontin – Jon S
  14. Sewelski – Andrew S
  15. Bennettov – Mark Bennett
  16. poss Rob Muller – VCC



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