The Soho Cricket Collective was originally found by Philip Richardson and Olivier Lauchenauer. Both ran a small film company in Soho, London and were undoubtedly, not current cricketers. Spurred on by a challenge from a supplier, Philip galvanised a team together for their first and only match of 2010 against Quantel CC. What to call this new team? Well, Soho had to be involved and because of the team’s constituent players of various media friends, it became a collective – and that was that! With ‘collective’ in the name, it felt like we should be echo the early days of collectivism inside post revolution Russian and so the theme of the SCC became early soviet, carried through to the logo and even onto the field with our use of terrible, eastern-block sounding nicknames. 

It is impossible to talk about the beginning of the SCC without talking about Tim Graham, aka Combramovich. From the outset, Tim was highly influential in the stylings and method of running a cricket team and was a dearly loved player by all. He is sadly no longer with us, passing away following a heart attack, playing with the comrades at Chesham Bois CC. Full commemoration here: LINK

We are a team of happy comrades, always ready to expand and meet new players. We are a Sunday touring team that loves the game, a laugh and a good tea and beer – I think you get the picture! Do please get in touch with us to say hello: info@sohocricketcollective.com

Always comrades, occasionally victors!



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