Well oiled – Update for Date with Quantel

Linseed, mmmmm

I am oiling my bat. The news so far…

Quantel want a re-match, all on them again. That is, they pay for our accommodation too and a big food fest – we must them a nice present!!! A Friday in JULY [correction from initial post, sorry!] – so i am aiming for towards the last two weeks. Let me know which Friday works for you. Don’t forget that last year was bloody fab and great fun too. Forgetting the score of course.

There will be a match versus the Headingly Old Boys, away. Still fixing this for August i hope. Then we can hopefully wrap with a match in Sussex in September with some lovely folk i met in Cannes last week.

NETS this week will have to be Wednesday with some warm up before. I shall phone and organise that tomorrow morning.

I love you all, but i love the field even more. Let’s get a bit more serious please and start communicat8ing. I shall be asking some of you to become Commissars soon and be in charge of a small band of us each. That way, we can disseminate information quickly. Please let me know if you are keen, else i shall be on you this week.

Bon chance, le Cricket, comrades.

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