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Tim Graham

Cobramovich celebrates award

Dear Comrades, on Sunday 6th September, 2015, at 04:17, Tim Graham passed away after never recovering from a severe heart attack sustained a week earlier. He had been playing for the SCC at Chesham Bois and collapsed after returning from his innings. Although he was kept alive by great efforts from our comrade Neil Dagley and all players there present, he was very ill and was kept unconscious during his care at High Wycombe Hospital.

The SCC and all of its friends and allies offer Tim’s family our most sincere sympathies for such a sad and terrible loss.

To say that Tim was instrumental in the forming and running of the SCC over the last five years would be an understatement. What he brought was a huge spirit that provided a vital backbone to how the team evolved and behaved. He was our good will Ambassador, our staunchest, entrepreneurial socialist advisor, the finest purveyor of cocktails one could imagine with a knowledge to boot. He captained many of our matches and provided victories amongst them. He cheered you up when out for a duck, and I don’t think I ever saw him angry when out for the same, or indeed, ever. When Oli and I were forming the team for the first ever match, Tim was first to sign up and first to spur us on in moments of uncertainty.

For so many matches, Tim would be the first to get his name down on the list. You could rely on his Green Merc’ to pull in behind the pavilion, and for him to step out and smile as he grabbed his kit from the boot. If we had Tim in the team, we had a team. His position was often a close mid-off and will be so hard to fill. His bowling ssssssstyle was unique and his decorum and fashion was unsurpassable.

We shall play on, and win and lose, and be rained off or oversubscribed, we shall get lost en-route, be crap and be excellent, but we will always be one short of an eleven even though that many are on the field, for we shall never have Cobramovich play with us again. But, his soul will be amongst us and his memory dear. We love you, Cobramovich.