Opening meeting held for 2011

Hello folks,

On Wednesday 9th March 2011 we held what was effectively our first inaugural meeting of the SOho Cricket Collective. I like to think we set about the proceedings of starting our group the right – we had a match first. But that was last summer and this year we want to plot and plan a little more effectively. So our first meeting to get a few things discussed and set out some goals, have a chat and drink a beer or four. All of which we did very well indeed.

I want to thank Roger, Tim, Nick, Tony, Rob and Oli who all made it along and send my regards to those that couldn’t. If i have missed one of you out then i was clearly drinking too much beer! The details of what we are planned and discussed will be in the Members Only part of the site – but if you’re not a member, you’re not missing too much.

Keep the faith!


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