Superb Batting Practice!

SCC Batting


It was the 29th August 2012 and the last slithers of Summer appeared to be leaving us. But we did not be fooled nor down-hearted nor tepid in our socialist zeal! We set forth upon the field and once set up on the Hampstead Heath Extension, started to practice with the bat.

The purpose was to give bats folk who were both good and bad, an opportunity to go out and face a few overs instead of a few dots and an out. The rules were:

  • It is the SCC versus the batsman
  • Each bat gets four overs bowled at him/her
  • If they are out, they lose 3 runs but stay in bat until their 4 overs are bowled.
  • Batting from one end but running required of course, as well as boundaries
  • No byes, leg byes allowed, runs only from running off a hit or boundaries.
  • Maximum number of fielders in the field possible
  • AT least one wicket keeper for session, let’s help Rob out and gain some experience.
  • Score kept by Umpire
  • Bowlers will be those that are reliable and accurate. Remember, this is a BATTING practice. I foresee about five bowlers.
Dan is not a w*nker

Great fun was had by all and despite the threatening rain we stayed pretty much dry. Next season we shall be doing several more of these before the first games.  Anyhow, the results were these:

Sam 32 for 0
Yuri 21 for 0
Pete 18 for 0
Charlie 32 for 1
Soldya Hatter 16 for 1
Jontin 28 for 2
Ilyeva 18 for 4


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