Comrades! The pilgrimage to Chiswick is always worth it. Yes, the ground is pricey, the pub is distant and the boundary a killing field of lost balls, but it always seems worth it. The Musicians Cricket Alliance were the oppo today and we had a good team turn out. In the absence of Yuri at the very beginning, Dacha strolled out for the toss and we were batting first. A bright day with a dry wicket, still small tufts of green.

Openers were VLAD and ANALITCH (Charlie Richards and Russell Townley). What was enjoyable about managing the team for this fixture was that it appeared to have some depth to it. A good selection of bats and bowlers. And we opened well, steady and determined – aiming for the 70s at drinks.

Brando and Vlad

Four overs in and the rate was slowly increasing and the eyes a little less skittish. But the first ball of the fifth over and Analitch was caught behind off Howell’s. A sad early stroll for the Itcher but as it turned out, the wicky was their best all rounder and was so close to the stumps, he was tickling the wood with his minge.

On strolls Brandonovski (Peter Brandon) and we settle in for a most enjoyable and invigorating partnership. “By ‘eck” – they worked so hard those two. A knock here, a pat there, a drive. The whole panoply of batting was exhibited for the exultant audience. Even the sun was battling it’s way through to have a look. The excited all as they drove passed the 70s and the heat was on, could be beat 100 before drinks – last couple of balls to go and VLAD slaps a stonking six and we broke at 102. ONE HUNDRED AT TWO at drinks!!! 

The next over sadly saw the partnership close for 94 and VLAD stroll back manfully with 65 runs, caught Knight off Menon. HUZZZAAAHHHH comrade Vlad! 

Brando Vlad Superb Sewelski scored a manly 16 and Brando slid gracefully up to 40 before being bowled Menon. Dacha bashed out a useful 18 before being bowled Roberts and we must mention that Samovar was powerful in the middle-order producing 24 not out whilst those at the other end went quickly. And so as we went to tea we were at 213 off 38 overs – for the SCC, not bad at all.

For their innings, Fraser and Foster came in and that was it, really. They stayed in. Blooming hell we chucked it all at them and I must confess that even I was getting down-hearted as I failed to break through – even to miss. They were very tight and very good. Finally Fraser was caught off Soldya for 105 and let Salisbury in to get 8. Both he and Foster not-out. The latter getting 89! They beat us 9 wickets and 12 overs.

They were good. They were good!


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