SCC Awards Night 2018

29th November 2018 – Awards night comes around so quickly. The season is barely in full swing before we’re stopped and reminiscing on our failings and our victories. Twas ever such. 

The venue this year was the Lord’s Tavern which sits within a quick single of the Mecca of British cricket and we were warmly welcomed and had a fabulous night. 

Dacha – the comrades’ comrade Cobramovich Trophy winner 2019

As you can see, the main event was the award of the Cobramovich trophy, the comrades’ comrade samovar, to comrade commissar Dacha, aka Daniel Woodhouse (LEFT). Such a sterling comrade and a clear and humble victor. Comrade, we salute you!

Other winners on the night were the recipients of the SCC certificates of merit for their season’s achievements. They were…

Best keeping – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Most improved – Malkovich (Malcolm Hercus)

Best all rounder – Meadoff (Stephen Meade)

Captaincy merit – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Well done all comrades!

Semper sodales, fors et victores!!

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