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Lord’s Training – An inside view

Nice action
Report from Comrade Commissar ILYEVA LUNCHOUR:

Well thank you comrades or the ones that managed to turn up! There was a much smaller party in the end, Commissar Tim Cobra picking up a puncture on the M25 to add to his car trouble book, which we think might be soon be published, and commissar Phil was AWOL but did present a good excuse [sorry folks! – ed]. But it all worked out with one of the coaches not managing to turn up either (wife having a baby, could forgive him that one). So it ended up being a perfectly sized group unlike “that” cricket ball. I think we all got some wisdom out of the coach and that bowling machine. There certainly was some visible transformations on our batting skills.

Father and Sons

Commissar Marx B did well to bring his sons who kept all of us on our guard with the odd ball flying at us down the alley and even over head. I think they too found some insight with our coach even though they seem to play all summer. They also had fun sending bouncers our way and being told off by the commissar.

Also a big thank you for Rob Muller from the VCC on joining our group. Dan March did also well to make it as he had a show on at 10pm so couldn’t even join us at the Lord’s Bar to have some end of season drinks and light banter (as Mark’s kids were with us)

I probably speak for the gang but our muscles did ache for quite a few days afterwards this must have been the most intense practise we’ve had this season. Also a nice wave goodbye to 2011 season and store away our gear for 2012.