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RTCC won by 9 overs at 96
SCC at 94
Friendly4 15-15

Comrades! This was the culmination of our Friendly 4 tournament and top marks and congratulations must be given to Cobramovich. Impartially he guided the tournament from beginning to end. North Middlesex ground has two pitches and the other match was playing alongside – a pair of decisive tournaments, one perhaps tighter than the other?

NMCC Pitches

The SCC opened with Jontin and Cobramovich. 33 for the former and 30 for the latter and it was this opening pair that produced the majority of our score. RTCC bowling was tight and fast and we were finding it hard to drag ourselves to 100.

But a special word is required for comrade commissar treasurer Ilyeva who performed sparklingly. He produced a useful 8 runs and faced 21 balls. It’s for moment like this that the SCC will always take some sort of victory from a defeat. We salute Ilyeva on a great personal knock!

So overs extinguished for a score of 94… hmmm

It’s quite depressing, as a bowler, to see some of your finer deliveries picked up and placed beyond the boundary with not a touch of the ground to be had. So you get the ball back from the garden of some long suffering neighbour to the pitch. Generally a lady in her sixties who smiles politely and hands the ball back with a well practiced “Not to worry, dear!”. You stand once more thinking of what deliveries you have left and how you may befuddle the facing bat. A great plan hatches and you begin your run, you deliver and as it leaves your hand you know it’s a good ‘un. Look at that line, look at that length. Oh dear, look at how easy he smacked the bloody thing to the rope.

Awarding with the CObramovich

In short, averaging over 11 per over, their bats were knocking us to bits. We all had an admirable bowl against them but after six overs they had us beat. One wicket to my nasty foot bowling but that was it.

Well done the RTCC and congratulations to the victors of the tournament who were the VCC (I think) and I shall publish a full set of results if I get them. Our man Hodderoff received a prize for the best scoring of recorded sixes! Well done, Tom! Hopefully next year we shall have another bash and get off the bottom.

Do Svidaniya!

RTCC v SCC Their innings
RTCC v SCC_Our innings