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What are the SCC selection rules?

SCC law

Comrades, it is with a happy heart that I get to re-stipulate our selection process. A happy heart because we have many keen players. So below are the unchanged rules for selection as first drawn up on 26th April 2011.

Penn Street match is now a week away ~ To play, you must pay!


  • For proper match team selection, we shall have to apply some schedules to selection based upon:
    • 1st choice selection is carried out up until four weeks before the game. Those offered places will be those who are:
      • Founder Members (played in our first match in 2010 at Welford and those played 2011 season) and members of The SCC
      • AND are fully paid up or who immediately pay up fully upon offer.
    • 2nd choice selection is made from 2-4 weeks before the game and to those who are:
      • Members of The SCC
      • AND Fully paid up or who immediately pay up fully upon offer.
    • Final choice selection is carried out in the last two weeks before the match amongst those who are:
      • Non members of The SCC but agree to Join and pay up fully upon doing so.
  • If we find ourselves over subscribed for a match the team captain, whomsoever they may be,  shall make a decision.
Judge Yuri

Be strong comrades, fortitude forever and as we say in our motto: Semper Sodales, fors et victores [ Always comrades, maybe occasionally victors! ]


PS: I really was in two minds about using this picture! But as i feel it caught the right balance between benevolent comrade, commissar Premier and cock, I used it anyway!