SCC 20/20 – it’s here


be strong!

The location

They say this about the weather, they say that. But we know weather is just weather. We must be strong and believe that there will be sun and there will be shine and there may be a shower, but there shall be cricket. And SCC bring you, for a paltry £5 a 20/20 match on a proper pitch and some damn good fun to be had by all. So make it along this Thursday night and you shall be rewarded by unadulterated pleasure… the best kind… crickety kind.

Full Details are of course:

Arrive 17:30 – 18:00 for commencement. Thursday 16th June 2011

Location: Hampstead Heath extension.  CLICK THIS FOR A:  MAP

Two teams:

Captained by comrade Marx-B and Cobramovich.
Teams picked from hat.
Numbers supported by VCC contributors.

If you are in Soho area and want to share some taxis, call Pogo before 16:00 on 0207 292 0650.

20/20 is upon us comrades… LET’S PLAY CRICKET

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