VCC warm up 20/20 – WHEN?

The Soho Cricket Collective

Hello Comrades

VCC will be playing us on 26th June. It seems like a way off, there is much to do however, but in particular we shall need to arrange a 20/20 warm up match between our good selves. I am hoping that from the 30+ members we have, we can get 22 fine fellows along to Regent’s Park to have an evenings 20/20.

I need your feedback however. I need to know good dates and bad. I am suggesting a match on the 8th or 9th or 15th or 16th June. So what say you? Who can take it and who can’t? Even if some of you are injured, and i know of several, it will be good to employ some scoring and umpiring practice that Tim Graham will be organising soon (Thanks Tim!!)

Please let me know.

I will soon be posting some notes on how we select, based on founder members, payed up members and casuals. If you are wondering why you don’t know about payed-up’ness – it’s because i haven’t told you yet… will do soon!

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