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Match Report : SCC v BOLCC Friday 26th July 2013


20/20 overs, 3 overs/bowler
BOLCC win by 33 runs
SCC scoring 110

There is nothing like a sunny evening and a game of friendly cricket. It is the tonic and gin, the Bush and the bull, the tickle and slap. Vast quantities of effort get everyone there, feed them, ferry them, play them and say goodbye to them but it is worth every ounce or milli-gramme of strain. Partners, wives and singles -PAWS – were also much in attendance as well a decent grubby shorts of children.

SCC win the toss and I threw us into the field. I am still not sure why i did that as it was a fixed over match of course and it was hot… But there you go. My vice was Brandonovski and between us we set out to field the oppo into the ground.

Alexander and Rob walk out and the bowling attack opened with Yuri and Soldya. The latter got Rob LBW for 11 and both bowlers were swapped out regularly as each player must bowl at least one over. The only other wicket was a runout for 2 of Jamie R off Robski. The retire n/o at 25 rule meant that the BOLCC got a good turnover although some retired due to fatigue from being quite young.

Oli and Dil
Oli and Dil

The end of the innings resulted in 143 for 2. We all had a breather and nervous of the light were back out as soon as Brandonovski and I arranged the order. Openers were Vladimir Boringski and Yankeroff. Vlad gave way to Diloffsky, founder player for the SCC. Yankeroff and he got 26 and 20 respectively and massive respect to Yankeroff for what goes down as a classic SCC true blood knock.

Sewelski and Brandonovski produced truly noteworthy scores of 11 and 13 and top hats off to both of them for doing so. Sewelski splendidly swishing his and Brandonovski also popping the odd dotty moment in too. Nice work.

But with the rest of our comrades producing less than 10 we were never going to hit the run rate. As the sun set over the horizon, we still had play going on and all was finished at 20 overs with 110 our score.

So congratulations to the Breath Of Life Cricket Club who won effectively and in good spirit. I like to think we lost gloriously too and hats off all round to the comrades. This fixture is great and we shall tinker with the rules next year. We have to have children on both sides or none, preferably the former although mine will be only one, so we must look elsewhere!!!

The food was fabulous and love to the chefs! Thank you to the generous scorer who scored both innings, and thanks to all those who did anything to make this event great… And those brilliant PAWS, including my top, pregnant wifey… Kathryn of Barnskeyev the First.

Do Svidaniya

BOL innings V SCC_2013
BOL innings V SCC_2013

SCC innings V BOLCC_2013
SCC innings V BOL_2013

Pre Quantel 20/20 warm-up!

Paddington Rec
Paddington Rec Pitch

Friday 15th July 2011:

Comrades, there were a fine seven of us, straggling the farmer’s meadow, which is Paddington Rec’ pitch. Not a very useful pitch and not one we shall make a return to. All weather wicket is acceptable but the outfield was strewn with pot-holes, dog pooh and dare i say it, members of public. Despite the signs warning of men playing cricket, they failed to fear the ball! Silly buggers.

Anyway, we had a reduced turnout and nowhere near enough for a 20/20 but we did manage to get some bowling and defensive batting in. We adopted the following rules for your inspection. If you can think of an enhancement of these rules for defensive batting practice, please advise.

Yuri’s Defensive Batting Rules version 1

  • Any strike of the ball by the batsman is a single run. Unless,
    • It is a trike of the ball which passes a fielder or forces them to run into deeper ground in which case it is two runs.
  • If your are bowled out you remain in bat if there are still balls to be bowled but your run score is reduced by four runs. Even if it should become negative.
  • Wides, byes, leg byes rule still applied
  • No boundary scores apply
  • On end of pitch played only with no running
  • Each player rotates through bat and faces all of the remaining players who each must bowl.

The idea behind these rules was to gain the highest score by playing the most defensively. A simple block will always score a single and will avoid the temptation to swing out and open your stumps. It should also encourage guarding your stumps more.

The results were, if my memory serves me well!

  1. Charlie Richards – 39
    Philip Richardson – 39
  2. Rob Dixon -37
  3. Huds – 29
  4. Oli – 25
  5. Andrew – 8’ish

Also thanks to you Owen Sewell who came along to help it father!! Good fun and next time we shall have even more and have even more fun! Thanks Comrades!

VCC warm up 20/20 – WHEN?

The Soho Cricket Collective

Hello Comrades

VCC will be playing us on 26th June. It seems like a way off, there is much to do however, but in particular we shall need to arrange a 20/20 warm up match between our good selves. I am hoping that from the 30+ members we have, we can get 22 fine fellows along to Regent’s Park to have an evenings 20/20.

I need your feedback however. I need to know good dates and bad. I am suggesting a match on the 8th or 9th or 15th or 16th June. So what say you? Who can take it and who can’t? Even if some of you are injured, and i know of several, it will be good to employ some scoring and umpiring practice that Tim Graham will be organising soon (Thanks Tim!!)

Please let me know.

I will soon be posting some notes on how we select, based on founder members, payed up members and casuals. If you are wondering why you don’t know about payed-up’ness – it’s because i haven’t told you yet… will do soon!