SCC and COVID-19

What a strange, sad and scary time this is. The world is in a place that seems very odd and other worldy to all of us. Everything that is part of our normal life is upside down and our splendid eccentricities are nothing more than memories and seemingly luxuries like lemons in wartime. Cricket is of course, one such lemon. No leagues, no weekend matches, the ECB sensibly following the advice of government (ECB bulletins) and village squares being maintained to most excellent degree, but with no spikes to impair them.

Our season will of course be somewhat cut bare. Until there is some sense of an end to lockdown and social distancing we shall not be playing cricket. We shall be in touch with each scheduled match’s oppo to say hello and ask if they would like to mark the cancelled event, but more on that soon.

19th April at Ley Hill CC is the first cancellation of the season and there will be more after that – no point in speculating but don’t hold your breath unless you’re an experienced free diver.


If you have paid your subs for this year it would be grossly unfair for us to sit happily on the money. There is some chance of some cricket being played at the end of the season and we also have small costs as a club so we are adjusting subs to £10 for this year. If and when cricket does start up again, we shall modify match fees to adapt to the season start.

If you have paid the full £50 already, we suggest you let us roll £40 of that over to next year as part payment of subs for 2021. OR we can return £40 to you by BACS. Please let Malkovich (Malcolm Hercus) comrade commissar Treasurer know so that he can arrange this.

Ley Hill CC v SCC

To mark this non event we are having an online pub quiz! There is a slim chance some Ley Hill will join us but whatever, there shall be much fun to be had. The details are going to be sent to members in a newsletter very soon.

It’s on the blog…

As several players are leaving facebook and some are on WhatsApp and some are not, the blog exists and is not going anywhere and can be found by anyone who has a computer or smartphone. We are going to keep working on the blog and hopefully make it more interactive but there’s only two of us who update this regularly (thanks Hodderoff!) so give us some time.

Do please email me with any changes in email or phone number and you can do that through

Comrades, I say thank you and Dasvidaniya!!

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