Match Report – SCC v VCC: 26th June 2011

Well, forgive my sketchy report comrades. This will evolve as i break down the scorecard and ask around for memories. Let’s begin first of all by reporting our team as:

  1. Captain:    Mark Blackledge (Marx-B)
  2. Philip Richardson (Yuri Pedeez)
  3. Olivier Lauchenauer (Ilyeva Lunch-hour)
  4. Rob Dixon
  5. Tony Dickie
  6. Charlie Richards (Vladymir Illyich)
  7. Dan March (Soldya)
  8. Andrew Sewell
  9. Roger Kelly
  10. Tim Richardson
  11. Special Guest:Anton Blackledge
VCC win by 3 wickets as: VCC: 203 – 7 SCC: 127 all out
Here be the SCC and VCC  scorecards!
I shall post some further bunf soon, but don’t let me rest comrades until i do!

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