SCC 2012 – I bet you thought it was over!

inbatWell hello Comrades!

Yes, it has been quiet, but that just means we have been busy. There is much to say but i don’t want to over do this post so it’s just bullet points to get you all going. Here they are, comrades – remember; Semper Sodale, Fors et Victores.

  1. Charity event – SCC need to put together a team of up to ten. It’s for one of our chosen charities, The Royal Marsden Hospital. The event costs £150 per head and it all goes to RM. You get to play a lof of famous teams and people and celebrities and all manner of do-dar. We really should get a team together so PLEASE – say yes to me very soon. Details are:

    1. The Grace Cup Charity 7-a-side (or 10?) Cricket challenge
    2. Thursday 24th May 2012
    3. The bank of England Sports Ground, Roehampton
    4. £150 per player
    5. Full info here but please let me know first!
  2. Fixtures for 2012; There’s more than last years and very interesting ones too. A lot happening and some new members coming on board too. So comrades, this year will be our greatest yet!

    Details and ones to be finalised are:

    1. Quantel -July
    2. NFTS – September
    3. Penn Street – finalising now
    4. Ryde, Isle of Wight – September
    5. Chamois Bois – May
    6. Keble college, Oxford – April/August
    7. VCC (Suffolk) – 24th June
    8. Royal Marsden- see above
    9. Lindfeld, Sussex – tbc
    10. Monty of Sussex – tbc
    11. Badlesmere Bronchials, Belmont House, Kent – 2nd June
  3.  Read your AGM minute in the blog as you will soon be badgered for membership money. No payee, no playee.
Comrades, you are the finest gentleman players of the greatest game to come from Soho’s media set. Let’s get on board and make this year rock!
Forever your devoted servant, comrade, commissar, premier
Yuri – Pedeez


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