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Match Report: David Adams Charity Tournament, Thursday 23rd May 2013

SCC Celebrate a win
SCC Celebrate a win

2 games out of 5 won.
4th place of 6


It is with great pleasure that I can declare that we did not come last. We did last year but this year, we left two other teams trailing behind us! That is the most important piece of fact from this day of pleasure that I can report, the rest is less fact and more comment:

The David Adams Leukaemia Appeal Tournament is a great day of cricket in which six teams get together at The Bank of England Sports Centre and play each other at cricket – duh! Sometimes a struggle to get a team together and sometimes not – this year the latter. Last year’s day was blogged about and caused a stir and so we were able to get our team together el-pronto. The lucky players were: Yuri, Ilyeva, Robski, Hooperski, Stewin Apotoff, Chipmunkski, Andropov Sewellski and of course, captain Cobramovich.

The day was divided into 5 games of 6-6 overs and a final. Wicky doesn’t bowl but everybody else does. There were some other oddish rules, such as, you cannot be out first ball, no-balls and wides to count as legal until the last over, but on the whole it was a fairly normal set of rules. The fields of course were generally set very wide but this gave one a great chance of appreciating the outstanding ground that the BOE has at Roehampton. Lovely!

BBQ at dusk
BBQ at dusk

Cobramovich had some clever ideas set up and we tried our damnedest to stick to them, but great adaptation was required from match 1 onwards. As our desire to not come last grew stronger, our batting order remained fixed for number 1 and number 2 with the remaining positions varying. The openers were Hooperski (David Hooper) and new comrade, Stewin Apotoff (Stew Barnes). Both were able to hold stirring partnerships and produce enough runs to prevent depression setting in and of course, fear!

SCC v Graylings. This match was on the top pitch and nearest to the commentator John ‘Fingers’ Fingleton
The following match notes are from our captain and the scorecards are compete except for one match where we don’t have all of the TalkTalk scorecard. I am trying to get this sorted out.

1. GRAYLING PR Toadies (47) – SCC Batted 2nd (48) and quite easily WON
Robski missed this one.

SCC v Grayling - Them
SCC v Grayling – Them

SCC v Grayling - Us
SCC v Grayling – Us

2. TALK TALK Mobile Device mongers – SCC Batted 1st (66) and LOST
Rasputin missed this one?

SCC v TalkTalk - us
SCC v TalkTalk – us

3. SLAUGHTER & MAY – Organs of Capitalism (75) – SCC Batted 2nd (76) and (just, with 2nd last ball?) WON(Then Lunch)
Cobramovich missed this one

Slaughter May v SCC - them
Slaughter May v SCC – them

SCC v Slaughter May - us
SCC v Slaughter May – us

(Then Tea)

4. DEUTSCHE BANKER Lackies (80) – SCC Batted 2nd (55) and LOST
Ileyva missed this one?

SCC v DB - Them
SCC v DB – Them

SCC v DB - us
SCC v DB – us

(Then Tea)

5. OSBORNE & CLARK Lawyer-Thieves (58) – SCC Batted 2nd (47) and – possibly due to Bullski’s departure pre-match – narrowly LOST.
(This match was only 5 overs a side, unlike the others which were all 6.)
Unknown to us at the time due to fatigue, if we had indeed won, we probably would have made the final against the ghastly financial Imperialists!
Bullski missed this one.

SCC v OswaldClarke
SCC v OswaldClarke

(Then Tea)

Cobramovich at Point
Cobramovich at Point

Our team truly shone I thought. The opening bats of Bulleroff and Stasia regularly gave us a hope on the batting. Followed well by us all and Robski deserves a great mention and all of us who prevented a slide.

In the field were some truly great fielding exhibitions and Ilyeva bravely sacrificed the use of his hand to try to prevent another boundary. Sewellski exhibited his ever improving throw, Cobramovich’s cunning plans were executed and adapted superbly, Chipmunski nib nib nibbled at the bats.

Comrades! I salute you all. A great day for a great cause and we must all be proud of the SCC’s performance.

Do Svidaniya!!!

Royal Marsden, David Adam’s Appeal Event v SCC

Comrades one and all! This will not be a blow by lowaccount of the matches played on this glorious day, more a general round up of the good feeling and fun we all had.. I say weall had, but there was only five of us and we were meant to be at least seven. Very hard to drum up support for a mid week, pay go event. But it was for charity, comrades and we had so much cricket. Next year, support it more, please!

There were four teams and we each played four games, once each, top two and bottom two. I shall be straight up and say that we kissed each game. No recriminations but they were all quite good and we lost a couple of golden opportunities. Our team was Oli, Rob, Phil, brother Tim, Andrew and then two helpers from the minuscule celebryea team: John Altman (of eastenders fame!) and Glynn. The latter was an excellent all rounder and especially with the bat.

All games were split between a delicious lunch and tea and played beneath a screaming hot sun, the hottest day we had had this year until then. Very rosy we were, especially when awarded the singing Peppa Pig for last place. And comrades, the bloody pig is our mascot until we win a game. From which event we take the pig and a bottle of bubbles into the field and successively bat the flaming thing into the rough. Then set light to it, drink champagne and send its battered body into the bushes.

I shall upload the scorecards but I am not in a rush as it does not really count as a proper game but a fun league day where we played for charity. Great day though, comrades. Lots of cricket and lots of fun. Next year, eh?



SCC 2012 – I bet you thought it was over!

inbatWell hello Comrades!

Yes, it has been quiet, but that just means we have been busy. There is much to say but i don’t want to over do this post so it’s just bullet points to get you all going. Here they are, comrades – remember; Semper Sodale, Fors et Victores.

  1. Charity event – SCC need to put together a team of up to ten. It’s for one of our chosen charities, The Royal Marsden Hospital. The event costs £150 per head and it all goes to RM. You get to play a lof of famous teams and people and celebrities and all manner of do-dar. We really should get a team together so PLEASE – say yes to me very soon. Details are:

    1. The Grace Cup Charity 7-a-side (or 10?) Cricket challenge
    2. Thursday 24th May 2012
    3. The bank of England Sports Ground, Roehampton
    4. £150 per player
    5. Full info here but please let me know first!
  2. Fixtures for 2012; There’s more than last years and very interesting ones too. A lot happening and some new members coming on board too. So comrades, this year will be our greatest yet!

    Details and ones to be finalised are:

    1. Quantel -July
    2. NFTS – September
    3. Penn Street – finalising now
    4. Ryde, Isle of Wight – September
    5. Chamois Bois – May
    6. Keble college, Oxford – April/August
    7. VCC (Suffolk) – 24th June
    8. Royal Marsden- see above
    9. Lindfeld, Sussex – tbc
    10. Monty of Sussex – tbc
    11. Badlesmere Bronchials, Belmont House, Kent – 2nd June
  3.  Read your AGM minute in the blog as you will soon be badgered for membership money. No payee, no playee.
Comrades, you are the finest gentleman players of the greatest game to come from Soho’s media set. Let’s get on board and make this year rock!
Forever your devoted servant, comrade, commissar, premier
Yuri – Pedeez