AGM Minutes – 15th November 2011

Minutes for AGM of


held on 15th November 2011

Those present at this meeting, being held at The Union Club, 50 Greek Street, London W1, consisting fully of:
Comrade Comissar Premier Philip Richardson – aka Yuri P
Comrade Comissar Treasurer Olivier Lauchenauer – aka Ilyeva Lunch-hour
Comrade Comissar Tim Graham – aka Cobramski
Comrade Rob Dixon – aka Robski
Comrade Dan March – aka Soldya

  1. The welcome was warmly received
  2. All took the opportunity to refresh their memories of the agenda.
  3. Matches and activities:
    NETS: Venues of Net training sessions were discussed and it was resolved to discontinue practices at Holland Park as they were dangerous. However to continue sessions at Lord’s, Regent’s Park, Paddington and investigate nets at The Oval.
    20/20s: These were very succesful. VCC will happily play more. There are indoor sessions that can be played in Lord’s and some other venues. We must contact Sam from the VCC who knows about these from the crouch end site? The short game rules that we used in Regent’s Park were very good and we should develop these some more.
    Matches: Little further comment was made on these games other than for future fixtures.
    Training: Further training at Lord’s Academy. One session in March and two in April.
    These split between batting and bowling.
    Tim-Cobra is going to plan to host a scoring practice session, probably at his, taking full advantage of Sky+
  4. Fixtures discussed for the 2012 season are:
    1. Quantel at Welford – again, end of Mid to end of July – considering Olympics.
    2. NFTS at Penn Street, Mid September
    3. VCC 24th June – Back in Brockley Green?
    4. Lindfield, Sussex: Part of a Sussex tour?
    5. Tombleson’s Sussex Team: Part of a Sussex tour.?
    6. The Exiles, East Brighton Park, Sussex.
    7. Ryde, Isle of Wight: VCC have secured 13th May. Could we combine in some way?
    8. Graucho Club?
    9. Actors Anonymous: Huds was previously playing with them.
    10. Soho House, Babbington
    11. Royal Marsden Charity Event, Surrey.
    12. Penn Street Cricket Club, Penn Street.
    13. Ibiza match: Arrange through Sam?
    14. Chamois Bois: Oli’s partner, Margit has contact.
    15. Headingly Old Boys: Cobra has contact
    16. Short Stops, Kent
    17. Dotties, Griffin Inn, FLetching
    18. The Wrestlers, Joe Smith in Highgate
    19. The Full Tossers, Isle of Wight.
    20. Keble College
    21. Barnstaple, Phil Stewart – Oli’s Pal
      1. For all Matches we should try to group into tours if possible or separate by time.
      2. OLYMPICS to avoid dates are typically, July27th to August 12th.
      3. Fixture Fixers are:
        1. Philip Richardson to arrange:
          1. Quantel, NFTS, VCC, Lindfield, Tombleson, Ryde, Royal Marsden, Penn Street,
        2. Olivier Lauchenauer to arrange:
          1. Graucho Club, Actors Anonymous, Soho House, Ibiza, Camois Bois, Barnstaple
        3. Cobra to contact and help liaise on:
          1. Headingly Old Boys, Short Stops, Dotties, The Wrestlers, Full Tossers.
        4. Dan March to arrange:
          1. Keble College
  5. Event ideas discussed were regarding some scoring practice and hosting this at Cobra’s. Need to find out who is touring where and when we can see the matches to score them.
    As for Christmas drinks, we were for them, but it may be new year.
  6. Membership:
    1. Numbers are at 33 although we only have 11 fully paid members, the rest are affiliates.
    2. We keep our ethos the same. Try to attract as many affiliate members as possible and bring them slowly into the fold as fully paid members as and when we can.
    3. Subscriptions: Full Membership fee to be £40:00 of which £20:00 to charity.
      Menhaj Huds wanted to know what the subs were for:
      1. Net subsidies.
      2. Training subsidies
      3. Savings towards Kit for future seasons.
      4. Web site development and hosting
      5. Charitable donation.
      6. Time spent organising.
      7. Telephone calls.
  7. Sponsorship:
    1. Principally a single large sponsor but names mentioned included:
      1. Azule finance
      2. Fineline
      3. Collyer Bristow
      4. Coutts
      5. Ronnie Scotts
      6. Nat West
      7. Co-op – our bank
      8. PR companies
    2. We believe we need circa £5K for…
    3. Whites, caps, Jumpers, Patches and can we become card carrying SCC’ers and have ID cards made up??
      A Company called Albion make up caps in Australia and in the UK there is Cllub Colours in Suffolk
  8. Commissar changes
    1. Commissars were not effective this year and so we have decided to change the role of commissars and their make-up. All existing commissars were offered the chance to attend and volunteer, few did.
      So new commissars are:
      1. Kit Commissar: ROB DIXON
      2. Membership Commissar: DAN MARCH
      3. Treasurer Commissar: OLIVIER LAUCHENAUER
      4. Cultural Commissar: TIM GRAHAM
      5. Captain Commissar: MARK BLACKLEDGE
      6. Commissar Commissar: TONY DICKIE
      7. Commissar Premier
        and Vice-Captain on field: PHILIP RICHARDSON
  9. The Treasurers report was shown and passed by those present. No comments were made nor interest given. Special note was made to improve this scrutiny for next year. A full printed report will be attached.
  10. The Premier’s report was simple: Gratitude was given to all players and members and a call for ideas put out to all members present. Some were given but had been already mentioned within the minutes.
  11. No AOB brought up.


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