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SCC AGM minutes 2024


Held: 19:30 – Wednesday 21st February 2024, The Warrington Hotel (pub), 93 Warrington Crescent, London, W9 1EH.

…and here is a most excellent set of minutes, noted and beautifully quilled by our most excellent Commissar Adjutant, Soldya, Dan March. Many thanks comrade, never an easy task but well executed.


A quorum was present at the Warrington in Maida Vale – Yuri (Phil), Jonty (Walrus), Dacha (Dan W), Yankers (John H), Hatter (Dan M), Nickolai (Nick B) & lastly Mullertov (Rob M – a slightly late arrival 7.48pm).

We then moved at pace to welcoming everyone, toasting absent friends (Cheers to Cobra) and discussing nominations –
1.Dacha as new Fixtures Secretary taking over from John (John made a note of saying there had been ‘much praise’ for his work – and indeed ‘some praise’ was noted).
2. Yasin as new Training Commissar (to take over from Dacha).


First up the Treasurer Commissar Malikovich (not present) and the financial statements – in spite of a financial loss last year, we are still in the black (£412.00).

Jonty raised a couple of issues – why is the blog (now to be referred to as the ‘website’) double in price this year?
Websites, web addresses and ‘http’ were then explained to Jonty – much to his joy.

Also no ‘charitable donations’ were made last year – this issue was voted on, carried and rectified in the meeting – £62.00 to go to charity (leaving us £350 in the black) – and Jonty will personally dip his flipper into his Walrus slush fund and top that donation up to £100.00 – a very kind man. Thanks Jonts. Treasurer action – Make payment above to Cobramovich hospital, please.

Membership fees to go up for the first time in over a decade – from £50 to £60. This was carried and will help with budget and pre-planning for a big event next year…more to follow (see AOB below). Premier action – Make announcement of this

Collecting match fees was discussed at length – how to make this more efficient – Rob suggested a card reader, Hatter said this does incur costs. How many match fees were not actually collected last year? Treasurer action -Malikovich?

Can the Treasurer be responsible for this to ensure all monies are collected? – this was agreed in absentia of said Treasurer. Over to you Malik!!


Dacha ceremonially handed out ‘Ye Fyxture Liste 2024’ – ancient parchment that required a lick of the fingers to prise apart the sheets and hand around to all. (Yankers took photos but missed the moment of finger licking goodness).

Comrades – we have two new fixtures – HUZZAH! – with The Weekenders & Merton. And 11 fixtures in total – with potentially two more to come! Full list will be disseminated to all (possibly before these minutes – which are taking ages to type up – why did I agree to this?).

Note there are several Saturday fixtures – 11th May, 18th May & 17th August.

We are also looking at other potential fixtures near London – Rob and Jonty to send contacts to Dacha (this was done the following day).

Other ideas mooted – by Nickolai – 7-aside games; by Hatter – an evening 20/20 game or two.

Also what about a 3-way 20/20 tournament? (Jonty got very excited for a second) – this tournament could be for charity – and led to further debate later…(see AOB below…)


DACHA HAD TO HEAD HOME AFTER THIS AND WE ALL ORDERED FOOD (I had a decent burger – as did Rob, Phil enjoyed his pizza, Nick and Yankers scoffed some chips, I didn’t note Jonty’s order – possibly fresh seal? *cue Walrus noise* – and all was well in the world)


Brandonovski (in absentia) sent his annual report – via text: ‘There’s clobber available on the Serious Cricket website’. Jonty – disappointed bellowed “Brando, for me, is finished!”

Nick did not know about the website – he will now order all items forthwith.


Dacha did mention before departing: how about more organised warm ups at the match? Training action – Yasin.
I believe the phrase most commonly heard afterwards was : ‘You’ll be lucky’.

Yasin to continue his fine work in organising nets – the Lords session last week was well attended and well organised.


Welcome to the stage Sir Jontin of Walrus –
‘Repetitive? I’m not going to be repetitive’ – he stressed in his opening remarks. He wants the captaincy shared around – but did describe himself thusly: ‘There’s no more competitive man on the planet!’…a bold boast.
Hatter was called a ‘promising newcomer’ (although I understand he’s been in the team second longest after Phil) and ‘being Vice is not an easy position’ – Hatter was then given two specific gifts by Jonty – a face mask and t-shirt, for which he shall be eternally grateful.

Rob asked if the team’s batting order would change the outcome?
A fine debate was had regarding winning but also having a fun day is essential for all who sail in the good ship SCC.

Nickolai summed this up well: “ The captain needs to have winning and inclusion in mind, and to balance the team morale.” Semper sodales fors et victores.

Chaos theory was also mentioned – specifically regarding Hatter’s bowling in tandem with Malik.


We need fresh blood! New members – a recruitment drive – always needed.

TO ORGANISE: A start of season drinks mid-April before the first fixture (Ley Hill 21st April). Premier action – Embolden decision making!

Nick has two players he can bring in – one is a wicketkeeper. action – take it!
Ash has a couple too. action – Take it!
Hatter to chase up some mates. action – yep, take it!

‘YURI 2025’ – this is not a new robot – this is the Premier’s more-than-likely departure from London to Devon in Summer 2025. This will most likely be Phil’s last year as Premier – so succession planning to take place. Also, it will be the 15th anniversary of the club…


Jonty brought up the ‘STACK’ cricket app – which the SCC uses but not very much – it is a good app – could we use it more? Can we be trained to use it better?

Attire for matchdays – can all members please wear at least one item of SCC kit. GO TO SERIOUS CRICKET or sohocricket.com/shop – Rob and Nick especially now that they know! – https://www.serioussport.co.uk/teamstores/soho-cricket-collective

Quartermaster: Jonty needs XXXXXL top – can you source one please as Serious Cricket don’t do that size.

FUNDRAISER – can we put on a Charity Fundraiser? Perhaps the last fixture at Sandon this year? Jonty action

MAY 2025 – a 20/20 tournament – with Chesham/Sandon/Penn St – discussions to start ASAP.
It will be 10 years since we lost Cobra, 15 years of the club and Yuri’s last year in London – three worthy reasons to arrange a big cricket day.
Also look to sponsorship for the event – BP, Fin London etc. action – all

The group left the pub.