Merton CC v SCC – Sunday 2nd June 2024


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Merton CC150732.2Loss
Soho Cricket Collective151740.0Win

Merton CC

Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets

Soho Cricket Collective

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets
Nick Burnitoff05000000
Riz Khan04000000
Martin Collier2527300000
Kamran Malik01000000
Caleb R18193070383
Alex Todd000050260


SCC AGM minutes 2024


Held: 19:30 – Wednesday 21st February 2024, The Warrington Hotel (pub), 93 Warrington Crescent, London, W9 1EH.

…and here is a most excellent set of minutes, noted and beautifully quilled by our most excellent Commissar Adjutant, Soldya, Dan March. Many thanks comrade, never an easy task but well executed.


A quorum was present at the Warrington in Maida Vale – Yuri (Phil), Jonty (Walrus), Dacha (Dan W), Yankers (John H), Hatter (Dan M), Nickolai (Nick B) & lastly Mullertov (Rob M – a slightly late arrival 7.48pm).

We then moved at pace to welcoming everyone, toasting absent friends (Cheers to Cobra) and discussing nominations –
1.Dacha as new Fixtures Secretary taking over from John (John made a note of saying there had been ‘much praise’ for his work – and indeed ‘some praise’ was noted).
2. Yasin as new Training Commissar (to take over from Dacha).


First up the Treasurer Commissar Malikovich (not present) and the financial statements – in spite of a financial loss last year, we are still in the black (£412.00).

Jonty raised a couple of issues – why is the blog (now to be referred to as the ‘website’) double in price this year?
Websites, web addresses and ‘http’ were then explained to Jonty – much to his joy.

Also no ‘charitable donations’ were made last year – this issue was voted on, carried and rectified in the meeting – £62.00 to go to charity (leaving us £350 in the black) – and Jonty will personally dip his flipper into his Walrus slush fund and top that donation up to £100.00 – a very kind man. Thanks Jonts. Treasurer action – Make payment above to Cobramovich hospital, please.

Membership fees to go up for the first time in over a decade – from £50 to £60. This was carried and will help with budget and pre-planning for a big event next year…more to follow (see AOB below). Premier action – Make announcement of this

Collecting match fees was discussed at length – how to make this more efficient – Rob suggested a card reader, Hatter said this does incur costs. How many match fees were not actually collected last year? Treasurer action -Malikovich?

Can the Treasurer be responsible for this to ensure all monies are collected? – this was agreed in absentia of said Treasurer. Over to you Malik!!


Dacha ceremonially handed out ‘Ye Fyxture Liste 2024’ – ancient parchment that required a lick of the fingers to prise apart the sheets and hand around to all. (Yankers took photos but missed the moment of finger licking goodness).

Comrades – we have two new fixtures – HUZZAH! – with The Weekenders & Merton. And 11 fixtures in total – with potentially two more to come! Full list will be disseminated to all (possibly before these minutes – which are taking ages to type up – why did I agree to this?).

Note there are several Saturday fixtures – 11th May, 18th May & 17th August.

We are also looking at other potential fixtures near London – Rob and Jonty to send contacts to Dacha (this was done the following day).

Other ideas mooted – by Nickolai – 7-aside games; by Hatter – an evening 20/20 game or two.

Also what about a 3-way 20/20 tournament? (Jonty got very excited for a second) – this tournament could be for charity – and led to further debate later…(see AOB below…)


DACHA HAD TO HEAD HOME AFTER THIS AND WE ALL ORDERED FOOD (I had a decent burger – as did Rob, Phil enjoyed his pizza, Nick and Yankers scoffed some chips, I didn’t note Jonty’s order – possibly fresh seal? *cue Walrus noise* – and all was well in the world)


Brandonovski (in absentia) sent his annual report – via text: ‘There’s clobber available on the Serious Cricket website’. Jonty – disappointed bellowed “Brando, for me, is finished!”

Nick did not know about the website – he will now order all items forthwith.


Dacha did mention before departing: how about more organised warm ups at the match? Training action – Yasin.
I believe the phrase most commonly heard afterwards was : ‘You’ll be lucky’.

Yasin to continue his fine work in organising nets – the Lords session last week was well attended and well organised.


Welcome to the stage Sir Jontin of Walrus –
‘Repetitive? I’m not going to be repetitive’ – he stressed in his opening remarks. He wants the captaincy shared around – but did describe himself thusly: ‘There’s no more competitive man on the planet!’…a bold boast.
Hatter was called a ‘promising newcomer’ (although I understand he’s been in the team second longest after Phil) and ‘being Vice is not an easy position’ – Hatter was then given two specific gifts by Jonty – a face mask and t-shirt, for which he shall be eternally grateful.

Rob asked if the team’s batting order would change the outcome?
A fine debate was had regarding winning but also having a fun day is essential for all who sail in the good ship SCC.

Nickolai summed this up well: “ The captain needs to have winning and inclusion in mind, and to balance the team morale.” Semper sodales fors et victores.

Chaos theory was also mentioned – specifically regarding Hatter’s bowling in tandem with Malik.


We need fresh blood! New members – a recruitment drive – always needed.

TO ORGANISE: A start of season drinks mid-April before the first fixture (Ley Hill 21st April). Premier action – Embolden decision making!

Nick has two players he can bring in – one is a wicketkeeper. action – take it!
Ash has a couple too. action – Take it!
Hatter to chase up some mates. action – yep, take it!

‘YURI 2025’ – this is not a new robot – this is the Premier’s more-than-likely departure from London to Devon in Summer 2025. This will most likely be Phil’s last year as Premier – so succession planning to take place. Also, it will be the 15th anniversary of the club…


Jonty brought up the ‘STACK’ cricket app – which the SCC uses but not very much – it is a good app – could we use it more? Can we be trained to use it better?

Attire for matchdays – can all members please wear at least one item of SCC kit. GO TO SERIOUS CRICKET or sohocricket.com/shop – Rob and Nick especially now that they know! – https://www.serioussport.co.uk/teamstores/soho-cricket-collective

Quartermaster: Jonty needs XXXXXL top – can you source one please as Serious Cricket don’t do that size.

FUNDRAISER – can we put on a Charity Fundraiser? Perhaps the last fixture at Sandon this year? Jonty action

MAY 2025 – a 20/20 tournament – with Chesham/Sandon/Penn St – discussions to start ASAP.
It will be 10 years since we lost Cobra, 15 years of the club and Yuri’s last year in London – three worthy reasons to arrange a big cricket day.
Also look to sponsorship for the event – BP, Fin London etc. action – all

The group left the pub.

SCC Awards and drinks – 2023

Comrades,  a glorious evening of pizza, awards, pizza, certificates, pizza, pizza, trophy giving, pizza, and some more pizza. All of it delicious, I must say, especially the pizza bit. Once again, The Lyric pub in Soho provided us with an excellent venue for our celebrations and we ate them out of house and home.

Those who received awards for great cricketing prowess and services were:

  • MOST RUNS: Charlie Richards, Vlad the inhaler
  • MOST IMPROVED: Martin Collier, Шахтер
  • MOSY BOWLED WICKETS: Philip Richardson, Yuri

We also had the privilege of awarding the God-father of the SCC, Jontin, with a special award for acting our Captaincy Commissar for ten years, the trophy of the Walrus – a lifetime award that is forever his own. Let’s be honest, a merit that no other could possibly receive! Well done, Jonathan Savitt, bless you Jonty, Huzzah Jontin!

But what of the greatest award that we, the comrades of the SCC can bestow? What of the great samovar of comradelyness, the joyous and magnificent Combramovich Trophy? It is named after Tim Graham, Cobramovich, our fallen, but never forgotten comrade. He knew that the SCC was more than runs, wickets, ruthless competitiveness and so the trophy is for more than results, it is the comrades’ comrade award.

Mullertov, Rob Muller
Cobramovich Trophy 2023

The 2023 season’s comrades’ comrade award, the Cobramovich Trophy goes to Robe Muller, Mullertov!
Congratulations Mullertov, you are a more than worth recipient and provide so much to the team, run scoring, bowling, but knowledge, a special calm, a level head and a warm smile. Congratulations!

Rob was not able to come on the night, but here he is, receiving the trophy from the Jontin, Jonathan Savitt.