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MATCH REPORT – BELIEVERS CC v SCC – Sunday 14th August 2016

Believers CC WIN
303 for 3 off 38.3
SCC all out Scoring 109

Comrades! This is the report from the front. Not a victory nor a loss – instead a terrible loss. The opposition are very friendly and have a good attitude but they play far more than us and are far better. It tends to make for a one sided match. So this report will be brief and we shall consider our part in its glory.

Captain Commissar Jontin got us onto the field first. My pressure that really should be ignored at all times. I think the feeling was that we should have a chase to make a game of it. That was always going to happen as they only like to play one way, unlimited overs for the openers until they feel they can retire, then we have the same and twenty after the time. No limits on bats or bowlers. They slashed a preposterous score and our time on the field was spent trying to bolster moral. Not a lot of fun there.

Our bowlers were Will Roberts (Robertoffski ?), Dacha, Yuri and Chipmonkski and all got clattered about the park and its short boundaries, hard wicket and very good bats. However, we got three wickets, Hales, Stonham and Reilly for 123, 41 and 7. An LBW and catches off Chipmonkski to Dacha and Yankheroff. We weren’t terrible in the field but we weren’t at our best. So their innings wrapped up at 308 for 3 of 38.3 overs.

Tea was nice enough and we went back in to bat. Vlad got a respectable 27 and Jontin at 37 but the rest of us had a fight against their superior bowling and fielding. We were out for 109. Hmmm. I think we shall have to re-negotiate the team or rules for next season or just drop the fixture. Either way it was fun, but could be a lot more fun.

Do svidaniya.

20160814-The Believers CC-Soho CC 20160814-The Believers CC-Soho CC

20160814-The Believers CC-Soho CC