Net thrills give way to Match excitement



Last night we had an excellent net session. I was delighted to see a new face, Tom Mayhew – long time friend and sporting comrade to our very fine Cobramovich. Also joining us was VCC (and SCC occasional) – most welcome Rob Muller. Both he and Tom will be needing a CCCP nickname so comrades, get thinking. At the nets too was recent acquisition, John Hirst (nick name please!), Robski, Danny “Hillerenka”, Brandonovski, Altmananov and myself, Yuri.

Comrade Muller proved a happy addition to the night as he was able to bring in his more extensive knowledge of the game and bring out the best of some our fine comrades. Thank you, Rob. SCC’s Robski was lucky to get some batting tips and we all agree that his style and dare i say, communist elegance is sweeping to the fore. Those long limbed swipes of the willow seemed ineffably easy and elegant.

New comrade Mayhew (man of sound excellence!) proved a very useful addition. A fast pair of arms and wrists was putting away nearly all deliveries. Luckily he also posesses some quick reactions and could drop quickly from an over of bouncers I pitched up. His bowling too was good and tight and we look forward to seeing him with us on Friday.

Comrade Hirst, good to his word and eager to attend was pitching some fantastic full length deliveries which seemed to slip through like a soldering iron through tissue. I only got to put a few down to him whilst batting but already I see our batting strength increasing for this season.

Altmananov, stoical, solid, bright eyed and fast to spot the ball was working on some find Dorothy action, dotting the ball solidly and we shall be requiring plenty of that as the season develops. Those pesky late order slips need halting and Altmananov will supply. Bloody good with arm I feel and mid/close fielding will be in order!

It is hard to summaries the beauty of Hillerenka behind the stumps. A more affable and sprightly pair of hands are only made less important by the terrific sledging ability this comrade is capable of. No oppo could fail to admire the terrific verbal banter which sets them off ease and their bales on the grass. But comrades, a true wicky and slip ability and I know that Robski will be keeping his eyes open and learning. With comrade commissar captain Marx, Hillerenka and Robski, I feel we have a great little wicky and slip team. Bravo comrades.

To Brandonovski who I noticed was full of Vim and Vigor last night. Encore! The bat was machete’ing through the wayward balls. I was desperate to “Dorothy” him but rarely had the chance and all we could sledge was an umpiring shout down which barely did us justice. The side-arm is a lethal weapon in Brandonovski’s hands and has really provided some excellent batting opportunities. Personally comrade, More. I want more. I want that ball zipping passed my feet. Let’s aim for an 80mph delivery!!!

As for me, much happier with my beloved Matrix bat. Even down the offside I feel and inkling towards a drive but I must get my head over more and stop pitching it up for a catch. Bowling, well i feel that right arm round and slip/wicky nick is my bowl for the season!

So to this Friday and our game : http://2ht.2f2.mywebsitetransfer.com/?event=scc-versus-bafa-cc-2020-friday-may-3rd The season truly begins. Comrades – it will be fun and a gentle start to the season. The spirit of this event is just right as we are going to be helping BAFTA out with numbers and we are all keen to get our eyes in. Let’s have fun and play dricket.

Semper Sodales, fors et victores!

Do Svidaniya!