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Royal Marsden, David Adam’s Appeal Event v SCC

Comrades one and all! This will not be a blow by lowaccount of the matches played on this glorious day, more a general round up of the good feeling and fun we all had.. I say weall had, but there was only five of us and we were meant to be at least seven. Very hard to drum up support for a mid week, pay go event. But it was for charity, comrades and we had so much cricket. Next year, support it more, please!

There were four teams and we each played four games, once each, top two and bottom two. I shall be straight up and say that we kissed each game. No recriminations but they were all quite good and we lost a couple of golden opportunities. Our team was Oli, Rob, Phil, brother Tim, Andrew and then two helpers from the minuscule celebryea team: John Altman (of eastenders fame!) and Glynn. The latter was an excellent all rounder and especially with the bat.

All games were split between a delicious lunch and tea and played beneath a screaming hot sun, the hottest day we had had this year until then. Very rosy we were, especially when awarded the singing Peppa Pig for last place. And comrades, the bloody pig is our mascot until we win a game. From which event we take the pig and a bottle of bubbles into the field and successively bat the flaming thing into the rough. Then set light to it, drink champagne and send its battered body into the bushes.

I shall upload the scorecards but I am not in a rush as it does not really count as a proper game but a fun league day where we played for charity. Great day though, comrades. Lots of cricket and lots of fun. Next year, eh?