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Nets 2 ~ More folks required!

Hello Comrades! Nets#2 were last Thursday and a very good amount of work was done. In fact, too much. There were only three of us there, Commissar Jason Griffin, Comrade Andrew Sewell and my good self, Yuri. So by the end of two hours and forty nine minutes of ball whacking and bowling we were exhausted. Please try and get along to the nets as it is bloody good fun!

Comrade Commissar, Jason Griffin, now to be known as Foxski, was in fine form and inherited his name from his bowling style which is splendidly deep, high and long. A magical twist in its tale proving very foxing for the batsman.

I should also like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to Comrade Andrew Sewell (nickname still awaiting).

Andrew was eager to get back into the square and feel the smack of his ball against bat. It had been a long time of course, for all of us! We were all suffering by the end and limped off to the local pub for refreshment. Before i mention Comrade Commissar, Tony Dickie… here is some net action:

Poor old Tony! He battled for several hours to get to the nets in time but the A40 took a victim there. All we could do was recount tales to him of boundaries that would have been and bowls that would befuddle any bat. He did fine service in getting the decrepit comrade commissar premier Yuri home, though. Always grateful, Tony!

How about some last minutes net action this Thursday?