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AGM – Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri


Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 – SCC AGM
The Union Club
50 Greek Street

This splendid event comes but once a year, and boy, that’s enough. You verily love to attend and last year our numbers in attendance were simply average. I thank you for that. It is like some deathly chore that I realise you all feel the fear of. Like a trip to a Dentist or some form of sexual health clinic. But i promise you there shall be no drills, swabs, gas or purple liquid – nor anything from a Dentist’s either.

I want you to report back to me if you have any additions to the items on the agenda below. However, I must have feedback one week before the meeting in order to incorporate it and discuss it.

Cobramovich - The comrades' comrade!
Cobramovich – The comrades’ comrade!

The outline agenda is this:


  • Welcome and note those present.
    • Is there a quorum of 5 minimum, as demanded?


  • Financial statements for 2012
    • What is in the bank?
    • Statements of account
    • Expenditure and Income report
    • Charitable donation report
    • Membership fees for 2013


  • Quartermaster’s report
    • Kit developments


  • Cultural Attache’s report

COBRAMOVICH, MARX-B, YURI (whoever is present)

  • Captains’ report
20/20 Beer
Good Beer


  • What Commissar roles are required?
  • Yuri’s suggestion:
    • Commissar Premier
      • Moral leadership
      • Fixture selection
      • Blog
    • Commissar Treasurer
      • Financial responsibility
      • Fixture selection
      • Multi-media comrade
    • Commissar Quartermaster
      • Kit and Equipment provision
      • Match logistics ?
    • Commissar Adjutants
      • Communication comrades
      • Specialist situation handlers
    • Commissar Cultural Attache
      • Training director
      • Cricket knowledge guidance
      • Bacchanalian integration
    • Commissar Captains
      • Those who captain the team or are expected to captain the team in the season will automatically adopt the commissar epithet.
  • If I hear of no difference in opinion before the week deadline before the AGM, these are the roles that will come into existence for the 2013 season.
  • Nominations can be from oneself or from a third party with the agreement of that nominated, and must be submitted for the agreed roles of commissar as will be publicised a week before the AGM.
    • Those at the AGM will vote on the those nominated and the successful nominee be allocated the role he/she was nominated for immediately and for the whole of the 2013 season.
    • At this time, the roles of commissar Premier and commissar Treasurer cannot be nominated for and rest with Yuri and Ilyeva, as at present. HOWEVER at the AGM a vote shall be held on whether these roles can be voted for at the January 2014 AGM.


  • status of 2013 fixtures.
  • What is booked?
  • Follow up plans.
  • Match spread over year.


  • Sponsorship


  • Training
  • Pre-season drinks


  • Any other Business?

Thank you Comrades!