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AGM minutes, Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri


Behold, scrumptious minutes scrawled and reinterpreted by my good self which report the stunning pantomime of serious intent, which was our AGM. None of you would enjoy it or take any pleasure from it, so please continue to avoid it like the plague so that we may bear the strain of leadership and bleed before your eyes, the tears of burden.

Let the detail commence:

YURI – comrade commissar premier

  • A huge turn-out of five attended:
    • Cobramovich
    • Ilyeva
    • Jontin
    • Vlad
    • Yuri
  • All were welcomed.

comrade commissar treasurer

  • Ilyeva presented the statements of account which were accepted. Comrade commissar Jontin noted that in all of his time dealing with sums, figures, balance sheets and accounting forms, he had never seen such a set of figures.
  • In regards to the bank, it was agreed that the 20-20 matches had upheld the accounts in the black.
  • We must consider carefully the hosting of matches as they cost us.
  • Membership fees are to go up to £50 from £40 but this includes the charitable donation which is remaining at £20.
  • It was noted that other clubs’ fees are still substantially higher than ours.
  • SCC hosted matches are to be charged at £15 whilst away matches are still £10. Remember that SCC hosted matches are quite rare and always superb!
  • After much discussion, the AGM voted in favour of benefiting only Parkinson’s UK from last year’s available charitable funds. Royal Marsden had already benefited from £1,200.00 and more the previous years. The amount we shall pay from last year’s fees and reserves is to be discussed further and reported back before matches commence this year.
  • More use will be made of the charity donation tins at all matches. No more hiding away.


COBRAMOVICH in place of BRANDONOVSKI comrade commissar quartermaster

  • Apologies presented to Yuri from Brandonovski. He was unable to attend due to the illness of the club mascot, Walwynski.
  • It is hoped that the Quartermaster will provide a small report on last season’s kit and equipment.
  • Cobramovich asked us to ensure that logins and passwords are available for Serious Cricket site.
  • In regards to the SCC and Serious Cricket, their range is now improved and all of the SCC should check out this new delight of goodies.

COBRAMOVICH – comrade commissar cultural attache

  • At this point, chips were ordered.
  • In a drive to bring in PAWS as well as their players, Cobramovich suggested that this season we strive to have some Tee Shirts made up which bear the SCC logo, big and proud. Great idea and unanimously supported. Brando and Cobramo to arrange.
  • NEW MEMBERS’ event  to be Russian themed.
    • Vodka tasting
    • Prize event?
    • Aim to make it Friday 1st May 2015.
    • To my memory, Cobramovich will lead the organising.
  • La tour d’Oxford 2015. (Deal with my terrible French, Soldya!) The Stoke Row tour covers two days with a night between which would admirably suit a team dinner. These are hellish events to organise as people need to sleep and eat in the same place. But the idea was mooted. There is apparently a suitable pub. Feelers will be put out.
  • COBRAMOSIZE to be brought back. More publicity and an attendance drive for this worthwhile pre-season body and soul work out. Can be adjoined to a nets session.
    • Cobramovich was pleased with the games at the beginning and the end of the season, LMS and Xiles. Very kind words in regards to Yuri at LMS. Quite splendidly impressed by the comrades’ performance in Brighton for the Xiles victory. Great depth and ability exhibited. Dagleyev shone! And Vlad mentioned that even the birds stopped singing during the excitement at the close of play.
    • Jontin Stoke Row. Great victory, well deserved and only mired by one of our own players and a pity.  Quote from captain Jontin, “If you’re in, stay in!” – who can argue with that. He held a firm hand on the match and is remorseless – splendid captaincy, Jontin. Lindfield – Another splendid victory. A match of three halves.  Jontin is keen on batting first – a brief rustle of consternation – but so we did. Yuri brought back in to bowl fora second time after a first stint under-performing. Made a difference – Jontin providing a second chance. Team spirit talk really helped save us. Favourite quote of the match was between Sewelski and Jontin, the latter saying it was time to get back into the match, Sewelski returning, “No Jont’s, let’s go and win it!”. Brava!
    • Yuri could remember little of the matches he captained due to the intense excitement. However, de did recall a general note which was how superb Hodderoff was as an opening bat. Then we discussed some general captaining points:
      • When both bats realise the need for the weaker to sacrifice themselves, that event must be planned for and signalled clearly by the captain… And acted upon.
      • Secret communications required when in bat and VC to take over when captain is batting.
      • Captaincy training.
    • NEW captains: Ilyeva and Vlad (Boringski) elected to captain a match this coming season and those from last year to be accommodated also. These can be either 20-20 or 40 over. Soldya required to captain Keble match.
    • We must develop a Man of the Match system.
  • YURI – AOB
    • Royal Marsden, David Adams’ appeal challenge.
      Significant debate was made over this annual fixture due to its cost and the fact that we nearly always lose out financially. The decision was to drop it unless we could get a suitable sponsor to reduce the costs for each player below £100. So who could sponsor us? Possibly Union? Maybe Finn if there was an option to pitch for Royal Marsden work obligation. To investigate.
    • A winner’s meal (was it for Comrades’ comrade winner?) was considered at 10 Greek Street. good idea, but who is the winner and of what? Please remind me.
    • VLAD: Let us have another field practice session as we did several seasons ago. This proved VERY popular and was previously played near Hampstead. LINK HERE to previous session. Let’s organise this, Yankheroff, fancy a planning session?
      Vlad also suggested another fixture, the details of which have gone to Yankheroff.
    • Separate call out for PAWS (Partner, wives and singles) to build a boundary side community and ensure support for all, players and mothers alike! Free T-Shirts!!!


20/20 Beer
Good Beer
  • FIXTURES AND DATES – courtesy of hard work by Yankheroff, 20-20 support by Cobramovich and Brandonovski.
      An exciting summer of cricket lies ahead, comrades, with capitalist opposition both old and new. Traditional fixtures such as VCC, Xiles, Chesham, Linfield and Penn St are all in place, alongside a return to Stoke Row (with potential for a weekend mini-tour) and the summer is book-ended with home and away fixtures against our friends LMS. We also have new fixtures against Believers CC (thanks Soldya) and another attempt with Keble College in Oxford, which fell foul of the capitalist weather last June.
      I do need some help securing grounds for the VCC match in June and the Xiles match in July (I have made repeated enquiries with St James & Montefiore, to no avail. Maybe Chipmunkski can have a word?) Can I leave this with you lot please, as any day now I will be going off grid!



  • Sunday 26th – POSSIBLE Hildenborough CC v SCC (LINK TO HCC)
  • MAY

  • Friday 1st May – NEW MEMBERS’ DRINKS
  • Sunday 10th – LMS CC v SCC @ Southgate
  • Friday 15th – F4 20/20 – Round 1 – Pitch 1:  VCC v SCC
  • Saturday 16th – Penn St CC v SCC @ Penn St
  • Wednesday 20th – possible David Adam’s appeal tournament in Teddington: Link
  • Friday 29th – F4 20/20 – Round 2 – Pitch 1:  SCC v Tavs
  • JUNE

  • Saturday 6th June – Keble College 2nd XI v SCC @ Keble Sports Ground, Oxford
  • Sunday June 21st – SCC v VCC @ GROUND NEEDED PLEASE
  • JULY

  • Saturday July 4th – TBC v SCC @ TBC (potential tour match in Stoke Row area, LINK: NETTLEBED? )
  • Sunday July 5th – Stoke Row CC v SCC @ Stoke Row
  • Sunday July 19th – Xiles CC v SCC @ St James’ & Montefiore
  • Friday 24th – F4 20/20 – Finals – Pitch 1:  LMS v SCC  / Awards Presentation
  • Friday 31st – SCC v BOLCC 20/20 annual

  • Friday 7th – Linfield CC v SCC @ Linfield
  • Sunday 16th – Believers CC v SCC @ Battersea Park
  • Sunday 30th – Chesham Bois CC v SCC @ Chesham Bois


  • Sunday 20th Sept – SCC v LMS CC @ Chiswick Park



Any attendees or contributors to the AGM who remember things differently or would like to note changes or omissions to these minutes, please email me and I shall make suitable corrections.

Many thanks for your works and interest, comrades all.

Do Svidaniya!

AGM minutes, Wednesday 24th January 2014

Half an AGM
Half an AGM


For those 91% of you who thankfully didn’t show up, may I present to you our most scintillating minutes!

AGM held at The Union Club

Those present at 19:00 and then followed some five minutes later, formed the quorum required and were: comrades Yuri, Ilyeva, Yankheroff, Soldya, Jontin and Cobramovitch.

. Present commissar jobs shall remain as they were. Special note made that the role of comrade commissar Fixtures is created for day matches.
. Those in those posts are unchanged and comrade commissar Yankheroff is in charge of day fixtures. Comrade commissar quartermaster Brandonovski is given special duties for fixtures 20-20.
. It was decided there shall be no voting of next year for the positions of Premier and Treasurer.

Treasurer Ilyeva
. Bank account explained and accepted to the last degree.
. £319 to go to Parkinson’s charity.
. Over £1,500 went to the David Adams Leukaemia appeal fund at The Royal Marsden Hospital.
. Subs will remain at £40 for 18 and overs and £20 for youth.
. Half of all subs go to charity.
. The regents park 20-20 tournament will cost £65 to play.
. Certain games will be more if costs are higher but sufficient notice will be given. Otherwise the general match fee will be £10.

quartermaster Brandonovski
. Absent skiing but Cobramovich wished to send him gratitude for a great job last season, we all agreed.
. This seemed like the relevant moment for Jontin to tell us he has lost two stone. He will need a new shirt.
. New styled caps are available from serious cricket.
.Ilyeva will be purchasing this season’s balls.
. There was a brief debate as to whether Cobramovich’s request that Jontin wear a muzzle whilst playing? This was voted down as it was considered to reduce by too much, the level of noise on the pitch, we wish to up, not down.

cultural attaché Cobramovich
. The instructional video of the official greeting of one SCC comrade to another which was filmed diligently at last years cocktails soirée is to be uploaded by Yuri as soon as possible.
. An email of field positions is to be emailed out to all comrades.
. This then forms part of our SOCIAL QUIZ night on March 21st 2014. This was discussed twice on the night but the prescient points are put down here:
. This night is both social and recruitment with a quiz thrown in!
. Each comrade must try to bring at least one new recruit.
. Soldya to arrange quiz including: field positions, scoring and umpiring.
. Cobramovich is looking into a location for the event.
. If this is too much for one event, we shall have the social first and then followed by the quiz another night.

captains’ reports
Cobramovich: last year was very happy about the atmosphere. very good. But wants to make sure we have “stick ability”. Practice on catching is essential. Regents park for catching practice and maybe a field practice session. David Hooper and Stew Barnes were great additions.

in abstentia, Marx wants us to have a composed anthem to sing. We are all for a song but some we’re wondering if we could take melody from an already existing Russian tune?
We should develop a vocal field-checking chant which we must abide by in the field. Keep that pressure up.
He also wanted to ask if it was time for a tour? This was covered more in Jontin’s report although I feel in hindsight, less SCC orientated.

Jontin enjoyed his half match last season and looks forward to more captaining this season. He warns though, of his firm style and strict discipline. So comrades, focus on plying him with compliments and ale and I sense a softer Odobenus Rosmarus will appear! His quote was “I like to win.” – Semper Sodales, fors et Victores, comrade!

Yuri, myself, was delighted with last season though felt a few holes could have been added to in fixtures. This coming season looks good.
I also encouraged a lot more field comedy and barracking!

Comrade commissar Yankheroff and Soldya also wished to captain a 20-20 this season with some strong vice presence and Ilyeva fancied some vice captain work himself.

This is a breakdown of forthcoming fixtures for the season. As it stands now it is splendid and all agreed. Compliments were given to both Brandonovski and Yankheroff for excellent planning. Anyhow, here is the schedule so far.

. Sunday 4th May… SCC v LMSCC at Chiswick (SCC home)
. Saturday 17th May… PSCC v SCC at Penn Street
. Wednesday 21st May… David Adams’ Tournament at Roehampton
. Friday 23rd May… Friendly4 20-20 #1 Reg’ Park
. Saturday 24th May… BWCC v SCC at Badlesmere
. Friday 6th June… Friendly4 20-20 #2 Reg’ Park
. Saturday 7th June… KCCC 2nd XI v SCC at Keble College, Oxford PENCIL
. Saturday 21st June… SCC v VCC at Culford (SCC home)
. Sunday 6th July… SRCC v SCC at Stoke Row
. Friday 11th July… Friendly4 20-20 #3 Reg’ Park
. Saturday 19th July… SCC v MOFCC at ?
. Friday 25th July… SCC v BOLCC 20-20 Reg’ Park
. Sunday 3rd August… XCC v SCC at Xiles Brighton
. Friday 8th August… LCC v SCC at Lindfield. Moved since AGM
. Sunday 31st August… CBCC v SCC at Chesham Bois
. 13/14 September… Fixture?


Consoling Dan
Consoling Dan

Any other business
Somewhat aside from the AGM, Soldya was called briefly away in chase of a young lady. Whilst we couldn’t watch the interaction, it was bold and brave. Soldya was informed he was “…batting above his average.” by the nimble prey and she was off before he could mention he was a bowler. Comrade, we salute you.

In regards to a tour; there was a general interest in a tour if the usual suspects were all going. But where was the question most asked. Also to this, was the question, organised by whom?

Jontin has a tour and scheme which is up his sleeve but as it would not be an SCC tour, we cannot mention it in the minutes. Please consult with him directly on this 2015 foreign adventure! He is sure to fill you in.

Business closed at 21:18

Do Svidaniya

AGM 2014 – Wednesday Jan 22nd 2014

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri


It is AGM time once again. The date and time is 19:00 on Wednesday January 22nd 2014 at The Union Club, Greek Street. We know these events are hardly heaving do’s so we have reserved a usual back table on the ground floor.


  • Agenda Content:
    I have of course provided the agenda below. IF you want to add a major point to it, then please email me at phil@sohocricketcollective.com by 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014. There will be AOB at the end of the AGM but that will only be officially considered with rapidity!
  • Commissar positions:
    Commissar positions will be voted for based on the following elements:

    • Commissar Premier – Presently Yuri
      • Moral leadership
      • Fixture selection
      • Blog
    • Commissar Treasurer – Presently Ilyeva
      • Financial responsibility
      • Fixture selection
      • Multi-media comrade
    • Commissar Fixtures – Presently Yankheroff
      • Securing Day-Match fixtures
      • All Fixtures scheduling Operations
    • Commissar Quartermaster – Presently Brandonovski
      • Kit and Equipment provision
      • Securing 20/20 Fixtures
    • Commissar Adjutants – Presently Soldya
      • Communication comrades
      • Specialist situation handlers
    • Commissar Cultural Attache – Presently Cobramovich
    • Commissar Captains – Presently Jontin, Cobramovich, Marx-B, Yuri
      • Those who captain the team or are expected to captain the team in the season will automatically adopt the commissar epithet.
    • If I hear of no difference in opinion before 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014, these are the roles that will come into existence for the 2014 season and the comrades undertaking those roles.
    • Nominations can be from oneself or from a third party with the agreement of that nominated and must be submitted for the agreed roles of commissar by 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014.
    • If there are challenged positions, the AGM will vote on the those nominated and the successful nominee be allocated the role he/she was nominated for immediately and for the whole of the 2014 season.
    • At this time, the roles of commissar Premier and commissar Treasurer cannot be nominated for and rest with Yuri and Ilyeva, as at present. HOWEVER at the AGM a vote can be held on whether these roles should be voted for at the January 2015 AGM.
The Union Club
The Union Club

The agenda at present is:

  1. YURI
    1. Is there a quorum of 3? This season’s new quorum minimum.
    2. Welcome and note those present.
    1. Financial statements for 2012
    2. What is in the bank?
    3. Statements of account
    4. Expenditure and Income report
    5. Charitable donation report
    6. Membership fees for 2014
  3. BRANDONOVSKI (possible representation by report due to skiing – is that communistic?)
    1. Quartermaster’s report
    2. Plans for 2014
    1. Cultural Attaches report on 2013
    2. Plans for 2014
    1. Captains’ reports
    2. Plans for 2014
  6. YURI
    1. Commissariat voting
    1. Day fixtures list 2014
    2. 20/20 fixtures list 2014
  8. YURI
    1. Any other business?
    2. MARX:
      1. Is it time for a tour?
      2. Special duties for Captain Commissar – “comrade in charge of writing the team song”
    3. Close

Thank you Comrades!