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Quantel Fixture Disaster!!!


Comrades all,

It is with great regret that I must inform you that our fave fixture is off – or at least – CHANGED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION.

Quantel sadly have battled with the ground and now have a back log of fixtures – this means that Duffer fixtures get dropped. That’s us and others by the way. It’s not Rogg’s fault but it’s life.

So… uh… what are we going to do?

The board of commissars, under high pressure from myself, Premier Yuri Pedeez, feel we should do something on that date or the next day, the Saturday. This could be:

  • Convince Quantel to play in Regent’s Park or similar (But their team may not be available)
  • Have a 20/20 with another team – VCC re-match?
  • Field Practice game:
    • A full team turn-out
    • Each batsman stays in (whether out or not) for 3-4 overs
    • He can make runs with opposing batsman, but they return to ground
    • Wickets, catches, stumping count against him
    • Full fielding side, bowlers taken some-how from a pool.

So comrades, Please let us know if you want to do? – A Friday or Saturday on Friday 13th July or Saturday 14th.