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MATCH TIED AT 82 BOLCC 82 for 6 SCC 82 for 6

Chance of rain.

It is always a nice marker for the season when the SCC and BOLCC appear at Regent’s Park for its annual cricketing 20-20 soiree. It says: Summer, fun, family and of course, cricket. Being a Friday evening of course, we generally have no trouble securing team from amongst the ranks of the SCC who haven’t gone off on holidays yet. Our team was a fine bunch of SCC trads with the addition of two, super new-bloods who we have tried to get amongst us for some time, Wilsongrad and Dagleyev (who are apparently also called Ross Wilson and Neil Dagley, but that is just dangerous hearsay). More of them soon.

The Hub Cafe

The weather of course has to be mentioned. For the last week or more, the weather has been dependably gorgeous with sunny days and evenings a reliable fixture to the day. So of course, it seemed that the cricketing Gods had not paid their licence for this night and so from the skies came thunder and lightning… and rain. And boy, did it ever. We had been about to commence when the skies came down upon us like hot, heavy, black wet sponges. We were in the The Hub’s bar/café and that was we stayed for some time. The official inspecting the expansive cricketing grounds before finally moving us to an all-weather pitch a bit further along. We commenced and BOLCC were batting first. Opening Wells and Cassidy. Strike me down if that doesn’t sound like a par of cowboy villains or a Broadway musical duo. Or for that matter both. Against them opening the bowling was Yankheroff and Yuri, the joint 1976 Russian Chest-masters [sic]. The former was his usual grand self but I had arrived late and angry to the pitch and demonstrated nothing but poop for bowls. Luckily our new blood, Dagleyev was superb in his deception and on his third ball had Wells bowled for 18. Now put Soldya into the mix and the bowling was hot with surprises. For 24, Jontin provided Cassidy with all the desirous pitch a batsman could desire and he slapped the ball into the hands of Dagleyev – Magnificov comrades! McN of BOLCC was permitted a trip up to 21 (?) and then was retired N/O. Why he retired for that I don’t know as his last run was a single – but there we go. Rogers and Warren were out for nought by Jontin and a run-out. And Samovar, was out caught and bowled by Jontin. Elegance avec un touch of commie-ball-lust. Supremovar commissar Jontin. And a superb mention of new-blood punch was Wilsongrad who came amongst us and on his second over’s second ball, bent the stumps back to bowl Christophil. Robski, as ever, nippy behind and sticky with his hands. A pleasant mention too to Brandonovski, who when aroused enough to bowl, did so with two very economic and stytlish overs. All around, well done the SCC!!! A brief interval, where the guzzlers amongst us were all over the delicious food and drink supplied by Samovar and BOLCC – thank you! I managed a little but was too busy managing Richardson family politics and lovely babies, Rupert and Thomas, who at this point were still awake and providing lovley baby’ness to whoever so fancied it.


We opened with Dagleyev and Soldya. Both splendid, the former with some very elegant and slick stroked that glided him through to his 25 retiring N/O – one of which was a delightful six! Soldya was a splendid partner to many other bats to come. Rob and Yuri were in and out fast and I am afraid I rather let the side down by being a little tense as I walked out. Sometimes life gets you like that. My anger turn abruptly to the bowler, Nick as I was clobbered in the arm by a full toss and a flinch to the groin. Note to self, never turn ones anger to an innocent bowler as it just gets you out the next ball. Wilsongrad strolled out to pick up the debris. New-blood he is, shirker he is not. A most commendable 9 scored with a 6 included. Welcome aboard, comrade. Time for another retirement N/O? Yes, why not? And comrade commissar Jontin was just the ticket to supply it. Here is the man 0who can stoically provide staying power and scoring ability in one ample package. A 25 scored with a 6 and three 4s. He welcomed in young Owenoff and was soon conveying words of wisdom to him. This fine young comrade had a great eye on him and made two excellent runs during his stay. This was partially accompanied by Brandonovski who took an admirable 6 before being caught by Mr. Graham aka: Cobramovich. Through the magic of cricket and its most wonderful vagueries, it came down to the last ball. We were at equal scores of 82 and Sewelski went out to make a run. Never an easy task and most admirably, Sewelski found himself bowled out so the teams were equally tied. The winner? Cricket! Thank you comrades, PAWS and the BOLCC and their followers too and is it was a great game and so suitable to end at a tie – and so rare too. HUZZAR!

photo 1
A beautifull end




VCC won by 66 Runs with 184 for 4
SCC at 118 runs for 9
Friendly4 20-20

A full and interesting match report is yet to be filed by Brandonovski, who is captaining our 20/20 tournament – please call back. In the mean time, here are some Cobramovich stats and also some pictures!

 Cricketing Grandees!

1 round of matches down, 2 more to go: Both simultaneously-played double headers from now on – next Fri 6 June & then 11 July – and all at North Middx in Crouch End.  Please find full scorecards to date attached. There is a small mistake on scc v vcc as SCC no 10 Ileyva was actually out stumped on the last ball of innings, giving Maximus 3 wickets and VCC 9 in total rather than 8.
Here’s the full situation to date…
3. LMS MARTIANS 4 points (equal on runs, but ahead of Soho on no deductions imposed and less wickets lost)
23 May
RTCC (170-7) beat London Marshes Select (118-6) by 52 runs
RTCC gain 12 points:
+13: 10 for win, 2 for 2 sixes hit (Pipones, Spee), 1 for Aymon Spee scoring over 40 (42 n.o.),
-1: for “A Jagan’s inappropriate choice of trouserware!”

LMS gain 4 points:

+4: 3 for scoring 100 runs in defeat, 1 for bowler taking 3 wickets (Smith).
30 May
VCC (185-7) beat Soho Cricket Collective (118-9) by 67 runs
VCC gain 14 points:
+15: 10 for win; 3 for 6’s (Atif 1, Maximus 2); 1 for 40+ batsman (Maximus, 48); 1 for 3 wickets by bowler (er, Maximus, again!)
-1:  Breach of league rule 6 regarding ‘witty sledging’ (and the Corinthian amateur spirit of league) by Martin ‘Captain Lavender’ Stockman, in shouting to his fielders “Well done Currymen, we’re doing a nice professional job on them”. The words ‘professional’ and ‘job’ are of course completely unacceptable, reeking as they do of modern win at all costs corporate sport.
Soho gain 4 points:
+ 5: 3 for 100+ by losing team; 1 for 6’s  (Hodderov 1); 1 for 40+ (Hodderov, 51 n.o. / retired)
-1:  For a combination of minor breaches of league rules 7 & 8 by  vice-captain Jontin Savittski – alleged dissent (brooding/glowering?) while batting and sporting a green ‘designer’ ‘cricket’ jumper.
2014-05-30 17.51.36
Power to the comrades!


Match 1 (23 May): Simon Clarke, (Railway Taverners) – for prompt reporting and being the first to dock his own side points.
Match 2 (30 May): Shared by Maximus Spartacus (VCC) – for mischievous good humour and smiling throughout a great all-round display – and Tomasz Hodderov (SCC) for his dignified demeanour in over-coming 2 dropped catches to pouch the next 2, then modestly blasting the top individual score of the league to date.
*Sponsored by Sam ‘Kan Kan’ Kankanamge, the eventual winner of ‘Gent of The Tournament’ will receive 2 free sports therapy sessions at his renowned Breath of Life clinic!
Please distribute this mail to your team-mates, and look forward to seeing y’all next Friday.


2014-05-30 20.01.26
Out at last. Sweet.
VCC innings F4 2014
SCC Innings F4 2014

Match Report : SCC v BOLCC Friday 26th July 2013


20/20 overs, 3 overs/bowler
BOLCC win by 33 runs
SCC scoring 110

There is nothing like a sunny evening and a game of friendly cricket. It is the tonic and gin, the Bush and the bull, the tickle and slap. Vast quantities of effort get everyone there, feed them, ferry them, play them and say goodbye to them but it is worth every ounce or milli-gramme of strain. Partners, wives and singles -PAWS – were also much in attendance as well a decent grubby shorts of children.

SCC win the toss and I threw us into the field. I am still not sure why i did that as it was a fixed over match of course and it was hot… But there you go. My vice was Brandonovski and between us we set out to field the oppo into the ground.

Alexander and Rob walk out and the bowling attack opened with Yuri and Soldya. The latter got Rob LBW for 11 and both bowlers were swapped out regularly as each player must bowl at least one over. The only other wicket was a runout for 2 of Jamie R off Robski. The retire n/o at 25 rule meant that the BOLCC got a good turnover although some retired due to fatigue from being quite young.

Oli and Dil
Oli and Dil

The end of the innings resulted in 143 for 2. We all had a breather and nervous of the light were back out as soon as Brandonovski and I arranged the order. Openers were Vladimir Boringski and Yankeroff. Vlad gave way to Diloffsky, founder player for the SCC. Yankeroff and he got 26 and 20 respectively and massive respect to Yankeroff for what goes down as a classic SCC true blood knock.

Sewelski and Brandonovski produced truly noteworthy scores of 11 and 13 and top hats off to both of them for doing so. Sewelski splendidly swishing his and Brandonovski also popping the odd dotty moment in too. Nice work.

But with the rest of our comrades producing less than 10 we were never going to hit the run rate. As the sun set over the horizon, we still had play going on and all was finished at 20 overs with 110 our score.

So congratulations to the Breath Of Life Cricket Club who won effectively and in good spirit. I like to think we lost gloriously too and hats off all round to the comrades. This fixture is great and we shall tinker with the rules next year. We have to have children on both sides or none, preferably the former although mine will be only one, so we must look elsewhere!!!

The food was fabulous and love to the chefs! Thank you to the generous scorer who scored both innings, and thanks to all those who did anything to make this event great… And those brilliant PAWS, including my top, pregnant wifey… Kathryn of Barnskeyev the First.

Do Svidaniya

BOL innings V SCC_2013
BOL innings V SCC_2013

SCC innings V BOLCC_2013
SCC innings V BOL_2013