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Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair 18th June 2016

Tim Graham Memorial
Tim Graham Memorial


With a great man come great friends. Tim was one such man and as a result of his passing, his friends have conceived and designed a most fitting and beautiful celebration, the details of which are laid down here by Martin Stockman, his friend and VCC cricketer. Plans also created and overseen by our comrade commissars, Brandonovski and Ilyeva.

Last September we lost our wonderful friend Tim Graham. Tim loved life, loved friends, loved a party, loved music .. and loved cricket. We’ve put all this together to have a Memorial Fair on Saturday 18th June 2016 celebrating this charming man who brought so much colour, warmth and laughter to our lives. 


What: The Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair

When: Noon Till Midnight 18th June 2016 (though coming all day not obligatory!)

Where: Sandon Strollers Cricket Club http://sandonstrollerscc.co.uk/ Roe Green Sandon, Herts SG9 0QG ..its about an hour’s drive from Central London.

Cost: £25 Adults, £10 Unwaged / Students, £0 Kids under 12.


(Must be bought in advance, preferably now!)


What does Ticket Buy? A Traditional Tea (230pm-4pm) and Supper (7pm-9pm.)with a Hog Roast and fabulous Vegetarian Options. A glass of Prosecco served at 8pm. Live Music …a jazz band in afternoon and live band / disco in evening. Three Cricket matches. Other Games including Rounders, Tug’o’war, Yoga.

What doesn’t Ticket buy? There is a PAY bar from noon onwards run by Sandon CC. Fine Ales and Wines. We will also have a cocktail hour. You’ll need CASH for this. They do not have a card machine or contactless payments. Yes, hipsters and metrosexuals .. bring CASH

What about Charity? £10 of each ticket will go to the British Heart Foundation and the Wycombe General Intensive Care Ward.

Can I bring my own refreshments? Yes

What if it rains? For light rain / showers we have 2 Marquees. For heavy rain we have the local village hall. But it won’t rain. I think.

Don’t hesitate to contact Kate or myself if you have any queries. Finally please purchase tickets now – or soon- so we have cashflow to fund the various events …