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Lord’s Nets and tuition – awesome!

Lord's 2012
Lord’s 2012

Comrades, do you recognise what you see in the faces of these happy players? Yes, it’s satisfaction and pleasure! It was Wednesday 23rd May 2012. Temperature outside was about 27 degrees and add another five on that to match the inside temp’ – very hot.

Two nets booked, one instructor, Faisal, and one bowling machine. Then two hours of sweaty, crickety fun followed! Those comrades in attendance were (as per picture) Brandonovski, Chipmonkski, Samovar, Yuri and Ilyeva. Each receiving a good dose of balls and instruction. Faisal was excellent; A few words of choice instruction and we would improve. Open your body, follow the ball, lift up a bit – all worked fabulously well.

After the training we had all truly benefited from the session and were full of good talk and cricket. The academy has a fantastic view of the training grounds behind Lord’s and of course, a great bar. The sun set slowly on a hot night of training and we were set to planning a world tour – in time!
We shall organise another session mid-season, so do yourselves a favor, comrades… and come along!