Match Report: LCC v SCC 6th August 2012

Have a go a that

LCC win by 104 runs
Losing 5 wickets for 193 runs
SCC all out scoring 89
40 over match

Sussex, land of my Fathers and birth place of your Premier. It beckoned and we came. Beautiful Lindfield sits dear in my heart and that of my brother, Chipmonkski as I was born there and we both grew up there. But not once had we played cricket on the square. So to take the SCC there and play the village was going to be a great game.

The coin fell badly for Captain Cobramovich and we went into field. Luckily we had already been stretching and moving the ball about so we were as limber as a coiled hose… Hmmm. opening bats Davidson and Kaye were quietly settled despite the Richardson opening bowling team of Chipmonkski and Yuri. They had put up 56 before the crack was found. Davidson caught Robski off Yuri. (LCC score card a little inaccurate) He had knocked up 20 in the parnership but the following three bats of Birch, Hume and Masters produced 35, 37 and 5. Pushing the score to 140.

Hatter’d off


Hatter the Mad McSoldya, set about those stumps and second man with gay abandon. Two wickets and two catches, one with Jontin collecting the ball. Their Burton and Wooldridge not out with 37 between them.

Bowling highlights? Hatter’s 4 wickets and perhaps Yuri’s 10 overs for 25 runs with 3 maidens. Bennetov starved of enough overs but excellent at 5 overs for 7 runs.

In bat? We did not disappoint. We are consistent and reliably off colour. But comrades, there are some high points to the results. New comrade Bennettov was at 14 bowled Storer. But old boy Charliev R. and Jontin steadied the middle order with 20 and 14 between them. But both succumbed to Storer too. Cobramovich got 9 until LBW to off Hopkins.

That’s nice dear!

Robski D. was in. Highest score for the SCC on the day. A stoical and pragmatic 22 runs. Boundaries and singles taken with a judicious and occasional thirsty appetite. Brave work comrade.

Those to fall like ducks from the sky, Ilyeva, Hatter and Yuri.

It was a great day. We lost but the chance of being struck by lightening gave us all some extra pep in our play and we can all take pride in our performance in the field. Well done, one and all.


LCC SCC score card

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