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Match Report: Chesham Bois CC v SCC 2nd September 2012

Brando Ump

CBCC win by 6 wickets scoring 243
SCC all out for 118
40 over match

Comrades, a new fixture for us, such a young a fledgling side in our third season. Testing the ground, testing our nerve, pushing our boundaries and learning the field. We travelled up to Chesham Bois Cricket Club and its very sweet ground near Amersham in Bucks. It is nestled in a small wood and secretly hidden down a few short wooded paths. The reception and pavillion was friendly and welcoming and if the weather could hold off, we would be fine. The weather did hold off from rain but hovered in between fine mizzle and drizzle for a lot of the afternoon. This was neatly accompanied by an infestation of midges that nearly drove me nuts whilst scoring! You should see my welts, missus!

Robski and Jane

What about the cricket I hear three comrades, mutedly asking. Well, we were i the field first. Opening bowling, my good self and my brother commencing opposite. Bye ‘eck, he’s tight, Mildred. Just look at the figures! Chipmonkski brought in 8 splendid overs for a total of 32 runs, 1 maiden and 3 wickets. Aye! Three!

Their openers were Withers P and J. O’Brien. The latter caught nimbly off Chipmonk. Then Savant was in and soon out for 6 caught off Chipmonk again. Then P O’Brien in and out caught for 7 off Chipmonkski. Catches from Samovar, Soldya Hatter and Jontin – And smart, neat, lovely catches at that. Hands like sticky buckets on tent poles. Lovely.

At the other end, my hand of Yuri was less wicket taking but at least held a reasonable 8 over cost of 40. No wickets though. Where has my wood gone?

16 overs passed and The Brothers of the Red Richardson were off and Samovar and Soldya GrandMa forrafiver stepped up. But with Shuttleworth newly arrived at the wicket, he and Withers just had a rhythm going and despite some beautiful bowling, were proving hard to shift with Withers supervising the runs to 57. Shuttleworth fell to a stupendous wicket catch by Robski off a snicking bowl from Soldya. Elegance.

Chipmonkski, I don’t feel good about this!

Howe then came in. By now, Samovar had bowled up 6 overs for 41, pacey and tight. Soldya with 5 overs for 22, Buster 7 overs for 58. We were delighted to have Jontin present 5 slippery overs and jolly accurate too. His figures at 5 for 29. Cobramovich cam up the rear (pardonne moi) and hissed an over for 8. But could we shift Howe or the inimitable Withers? Nope. Hats off to Withers who plodded along in real style to 112 and Howe with a sterling 55. Now put your hats back on.

Drizzle on the outfield, mud on the crease, some deflation in the hearts and midges in the hair. But were we down-hearted? A bit, yes. at 17:04 we went in, opening with Cobramovich and Brandonovski. Within 18 minutes we had suffered our wobble. Brandonovski out for 0 caught off Beeson. Then Antonov similar for 5 and Cobramovich similar for 1. Ah! So we have at this point Jontin and Busterski. The former caught well off Withers for 8. The slippery slide is hard to hold onto yet Samovar and Busterski dig in.

Samovar is determined to hit hard and scores a quick 20 before he falls to O’Brien. But a needed score and well made. And so the Blackledges, captain Marx and Busterski face each other and through a barage of familial insults, knock up a decent tally. Buster is first to head in with a satisfying 42, falling to a catch but… 42 was sorely needed. Marx then watched a succession of partners come and go before being caught after sixty odd balls for 26 off Shuttleworth.

Please sir, don’t send me out there!

Soldya was out after dotting away 4 balls for 0. Robski making 2 and Chipmonkski got to watch his brother, me, dot one before the Nib Nib monster was out for 2.

A match of catches. 11 catches over the whole game. I wonder if the short boundary leads to a denser field and therefore to an increased chance of catches? Whatever, I do know that again we were good in the field and with our bowling. But our batting wobbled. Next Spring comrades, we shall pack in batting practice before we begin the season.

Roll up for the NFTS match comrades!



scc-v-cbcc-2-sep-2012-usSCC innings scc-v-cbcc-2-sep-2012-themCBCC innings

Match Report: LCC v SCC 6th August 2012

Have a go a that

LCC win by 104 runs
Losing 5 wickets for 193 runs
SCC all out scoring 89
40 over match

Sussex, land of my Fathers and birth place of your Premier. It beckoned and we came. Beautiful Lindfield sits dear in my heart and that of my brother, Chipmonkski as I was born there and we both grew up there. But not once had we played cricket on the square. So to take the SCC there and play the village was going to be a great game.

The coin fell badly for Captain Cobramovich and we went into field. Luckily we had already been stretching and moving the ball about so we were as limber as a coiled hose… Hmmm. opening bats Davidson and Kaye were quietly settled despite the Richardson opening bowling team of Chipmonkski and Yuri. They had put up 56 before the crack was found. Davidson caught Robski off Yuri. (LCC score card a little inaccurate) He had knocked up 20 in the parnership but the following three bats of Birch, Hume and Masters produced 35, 37 and 5. Pushing the score to 140.

Hatter’d off


Hatter the Mad McSoldya, set about those stumps and second man with gay abandon. Two wickets and two catches, one with Jontin collecting the ball. Their Burton and Wooldridge not out with 37 between them.

Bowling highlights? Hatter’s 4 wickets and perhaps Yuri’s 10 overs for 25 runs with 3 maidens. Bennetov starved of enough overs but excellent at 5 overs for 7 runs.

In bat? We did not disappoint. We are consistent and reliably off colour. But comrades, there are some high points to the results. New comrade Bennettov was at 14 bowled Storer. But old boy Charliev R. and Jontin steadied the middle order with 20 and 14 between them. But both succumbed to Storer too. Cobramovich got 9 until LBW to off Hopkins.

That’s nice dear!

Robski D. was in. Highest score for the SCC on the day. A stoical and pragmatic 22 runs. Boundaries and singles taken with a judicious and occasional thirsty appetite. Brave work comrade.

Those to fall like ducks from the sky, Ilyeva, Hatter and Yuri.

It was a great day. We lost but the chance of being struck by lightening gave us all some extra pep in our play and we can all take pride in our performance in the field. Well done, one and all.


LCC SCC score card

You don’t mind me giving you out?


Match Report: Badlesmere v SCC 2nd June 2012

BadlesmereXI & SCC 2jun2012

Badlesmere XI win by 2 wickets scoring 167
SCC all out scoring 93
Timed game


This has clearly been some time coming due to the sheer weight of pressure of premier’ing you super collectivised cricket playing crazy folk. But here it is in some fashion. If you remember things differently, let me know!

Belmont House in Kent is unquestionably lovely and the ground there i think, is delightful. The pavilion a picture of Swiss mountain loveliness meets English country manor. Great!

Our host was the Badlesmere XI, presented to us by their star of shining dashingness, Ben Pullen. The day was sunny to the greater part and the boded very well for a super day of cricket.

SCC won the toss and elected to field first hoping for a nice high scoring pitch after some hours. Opening bats were Linfrith and Cotterill. Both succinctly caught by The Hatter, Dan March off Deano Scott for 1 and 4. So all looked to be going rather well, a nice tight opening bowling pair of Yuri [Philip Richardson] and Deano Scott which by the end of their spells had produced 4 wickets and 57 runs. Deano much cheaper than Richardson.

BADvSCC_BadInnings 2jun2012

Okay, funny story: P. Richardson’s (me!) overs were for 38 runs and more pricey that Deano’s but you got to witness a classic pitch collision. Delivery short and slow resulted in Falcon pitching up a short, high and slow off side putt. I was on it, intensely following the balls lofted excellence – “A caught and Bowled!!” I thought. “A hat-trick of catches!!!” thought Hatter. We were both blind sighted and the last thing I heard before I heard the crunch was a call of “Hatter’s!”. However, this was when we were an inch apart. Both down like a tonne of shit and Dan with a cut tongue and manly bleeding from the side of his mouth. I was dazed. Cobramski asked what happened to the ball and there it was, sat neatly in my hand. Sorry Hatter. Let us all learn from this – Not sure what.

BTW: Atkins caught for 14 by ? off Yuri P Richardson

Number five was Stephen was greased up a confident 41 before being taken by The Hatter, and then came the bat of “Master O” Pullen, Ben’s son. Hats off all around. Great little imp and was able to remain in until the end, not out and whacked and happy 36. Good luck, “Master O” and stick on the game. Move to Soho after college and we shall have you… in our team, that is!

Dad Ben was next and tickled 4 from our bowling but was facing Samovar, Sam Kankan. Again, Sam pulled some very pacey and accurate bowling out of the bag and knocked Pullen’s stumps out of the ground. He then followed on with long pressure until he took the wicket of Beagle for 15. Samovar 23 runs and 2 wickets off 7 overs. Nice work comrade.

The tail end produced only one more wicket, that of Botting. Wicket catch from Collective Freelancer, Jonty off Cobramski for 11. But “Master O” was resilient with Neil R. (who also took 21 runs out of us, and their overs were done.

OUR INNINGS next. Well, yes, they had 167. It wasn’t un-attainable but I suppose it wasn’t going to be easy. Openers were Jonty and Hatter. I have to say that Hatter had an unfortunate knock and was out for none, caught mid-on off Atkins. A bowler who, had 4 overs and cost only 3 runs, 2 maidens to the good and a wicket. Don’t be too upset Hatter! Jonty was stoical! Dot ball, dot ball, dot ball, slow and steady.

Peter Brandonovski next. We had to steady the wicket. Facing twenty balls plus, Brandonovski followed Jonty’s example until finally bowled Coterrill  for 3 runs. It steadied the field but I think we all began to think to chase was unlikely. The timed element bringing on the thought of, Oh-So-Familiar… A draw. Heads down. Robski Dixon in. MOre stoical defending and Dixon again faced over twenty balls to hedge a draw possibility. Our for 1 off Falcorn.

BADvSCC_SCC Innings 2jun2012

Samovar Sam next up. Some respect for our comrade who edged up a useful 22 until caught off Botting. Then Deanov Scottiev producing 16 off 11 balls until out off Botting for 16. These two batsmen generating at least some numbers on the board. Sewelski was valliant as ever and was unfortunate to leave the field for 1 off the dangerous “Master O” Pullen.

Cobramski was in. Bless you Cobra. There till the end not out and for 17 runs. We think to use terms like majestic and it’s so nice to see seasoned batting from yourself and comrade Jonty of VCC fame and infamy.

“Master O” Pullen was soon ride of the Richardson brothers, Chipmonkski for none and Yuri-P for 1. Not my usual tail end blocking, out from a superb, curling delivery. Must increase the size of my arse to pad off those leg side deliveries.

Freelancer Malkie was up finally and must be congratulated for at least pushing away four singles before out to Cotterill. No draw, another loss.

Comrades one and all. We must draw some good news from this match – Catches! We are improving very much in the field, so well done all. You are strong and together we are stronger. Now, if the rain would just bugger off?!

Yuri P