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LCC v SCC 31st July 2020



TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Soho Cricket Collective207434Draw

Soho Cricket Collective

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets
Tom Willshire00000000

Astonishingly, the 2020 season finally gets under way. For how long, we don’t know, but here it is. A draw. Captain on the day was Jontin and his match report follows. Immediately after that is a VERY extensive commentary, briefly introduced by comrade commissar Yankheroff.

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Date Time League Season
31 July 2020 20:00 Not a league 2020


Lindfield CC
Rushden Road, Sandon, North Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, East of England, England, SG9 0QJ, United Kingdom

Match Report : Lindfield CC v SCC Monday 5th August 2013

Pink Boys
Pink Boys

Match Abandoned due to Rain. 

Well, this is very sad and the first time I have had to blog about an abandoned match. Still, I guess as the years pass I will have to blog on a variety of match adventures and as this is the first in a few seasons, I guess I can’t complain.

What a pity though as some elements of this match were quite unique and coming off the back of the match in St James’ versus Brighton Xiles it was going to form our first tour – Albeit a tour of two! Can it count? Half a match?

It rained for ten minutes in the morning. It rained heavily. But then the sun appeared and right through to the mid afternoon the weather was not bad. Last year we had similar and were out there in thunder and lightening but it was drier. In this match we got no thunder but we got the rain. So what can I say? Well, comrade commissar Jontin was given his first captaincy of the SCC and we were all curious to see how his handling of his comrades would turn out. Before we walked out to field first, he said he would be “tough but loving”. He was “going for a victory for the SCC”. Brave man, I thought. How many other captains have had such lofty ambitions for our band of comrades!

I don’t want to natter too much about fielding figures that cannot be used for stats but I want to thank the Lindfield players that helped us out on numbers. Especially as they faced some superb sledging from their normal team-mates. Normal? Perhaps I should say regular! So big “thank yous” to Andrew Osborne and Chris Wincott.

We broke for tea after a very late end of innings. We must speed up around the field I think! Gorgeous tea prepared by comrade Chipmunkski and his most excellent partner, Clare! Thank you both. May I just add that I was responsible for the chopping of the boiled eggs for the mayo sandwiches? Quite special. Quite extra special. And as we ate The Feast of Chomestocles the rain fell down outside. It didn’t stop for a goodly amount of time. And after some probing and head rubbing by the grounds man and team – the match was abandoned.

For your amusement alone I have attached the fielding figures below – why not? I also posted the rather charming picture of comrades Brandonovski, Robski and Ilyeva. All seduced by the pink side and thrusting their bulbous colours into your faces. How delightful!

Ever forwards, comrades!



Match Report : SCC v XilesCC Sunday 4th August 2013

40 overs, 8 overs/bowler, timed game.
XilesCC win by 117 runs with 9 balls to go.
Xiles 257 for 3 – SCC 140 for 9

Captains in the sun
Captains in the sun

The run down to my home county of Sussex to play cricket, is for me one of the finest things I could do with a morning. Vladimir Boringski kept me company and between us we plotted the overthrow of the imperialist Brighton Xiles XI and their devilish plan for the conquest of North Brighton, or London as we call it.

The sun was with us and baked the tin of my new Ford S-Max like a Sherman tank in the desert of Africa. This was the indeed the first day of a tour of duty in Sussex, Brighton Xiles and then on to Lindfield. We felt like the devilish rats of the 8th army – soiled, dirty, hot and sweaty and ready for some blood.

St James’ and Montefiore ground is between Hassocks and Ditchling and sits amiably below the South Downs. Quite superb. The pavilion is a great palace of slatted timber that welcomes and seduces the teams into a suitably competitive spirit and when Cobramovich and the Xiles’ Hooper walked back from a swift toss on the pitch, we were all set to play.

We took to the field first. A great team with some superb additions to help us out and both of whom I must credit thoroughly for their help: Geoff and Neal Freeman, aka The Freemanoffs. Having been at school with Neal and also having worked with Geoff (barely a few years ago!) I knew the dynasty and of their close family connection to Tich Freeman. Great things are due, thank you comrades.

Opening the bowling, The Richardson Brothers: Myself (Yuri) and Chimpmunkski. Xiles’ Captain David Hooper and ‘Will’ facing. Quite a good and relaxed opening was had and they were happy clattering balls away though not rapidly at first. But at 51 I got Capt’ Hooper LBW and with not an ounce of disappointment or sadness he strolled from the pitch, full of joy having scored a very admirable 31.

Not a lot developed for a while but when Chipmunkski and I finished our spells, he was at 28 off 7 with a maiden to boot and I at 34 with my wicket – not awful. then streaking into the sun and spitting 33 caliber balls turned our replacements Sewelski and Vlad the Impaler, Boringski. We must credit the former with a sterling performance and improvement. With every passing ball and over his line and length improved and we began to see the spin from his youth. Facing him our finest Vlad Boringski, drilling in great style.

However, the runs were building as David M had replaced the Hooper man, and it wasn’t until the 30th over and a score of 205 that Will was stumped for 58 off our most excellent guest, Geoff Freemanoff. The heat of the day was obviously not helping us and David M got up to 89 before an LBW from God Knows Who. 28 and 23 from Tom and Luke C. Neal Freemanoff gave a splendid rendition of an over and Brandonovski obliged us with a couple and hopefully more to come. But 40 0vers were up and 257 was scored for 3.

St James Montefiore Ground
St James Montefiore Ground

PAWS stands for Partners, Wives and Singles. Deal with it. Without them we would all be so much less of a team, so much less as individuals and bereft of certain key aspects of the game. One of which would have been tea. Brandonovski and Ilyeva had brilliantly planned the arrival of the nosh and with the help of the PAWS it was laid out like the feast of the ancients (I have no idea what I am writing about). We fell upon it and much like the Demolition of Rasputeles’ castle of Aluminium Foil, we were fed and ready for our innings (Please help me).

Cobramovich and Robski walked out into the late afternoon sun. Each eager and astute. A 35 minute partnership followed until Robski was caught off Tulley for 17. Three boundary 4s though and some lovely dotting. Cobramovich welcomed cmr. cms. Treasurer Ilyeva in until he was bowled Bradmore for 1. But his body has been clattered this season and we know he will be fighting fit for 2014.

Brandonovski now touched gloves with Cobramovich and did some fine Dorothy work until being taken by Tulley again. But any dotting over ten is worth praise. Vladimir Boringski is now in bat. Gosh, what a figure he cuts out there. I feel an aching sense of pride to see such a sterling posture and presence in the field. Cobramovich was obviously similarly impressed as he was shortly after caught off Bradmore after having provided the SCC with an admirable 21.

Then we gave Vlad some changing scenery at the other end for a while, Nealoff was there but a brief while – but thank you! Then Sewelski. Special note here I think as he banged away two fours before being taken Hales for 8. Then Chipmunkski and myself for 2 and 11 respectively and then to Geoff Freemanoff. Another fine figure occupying the crease and so splendidly so. Something in his pace and capability brought the Xiles into a sticky clamor of fear and silence. 15 runs scored and a couple of boundary fours – Thank you Geoff! Appreciated.

But all good things come to an end and so did we, 140 scored. This fixture and pitch is without doubt a keeper. Well done all around comrades, thank you to our captain Cobramovich and congratulations to the Brighton Xiles under David Hooper’s direction. We shall be back at St James’ Montefiore next year for sure.

Semper Sodales, fors et Victores!

SCC v Xiles XCC innings 2013
SCC v Xiles XCC innings 2013

SCC v Xiles SCC innings 2013
SCC v Xiles SCC innings 2013