MATCH REPORT – PSCC v SCC 17th May 2014

40 overs, timed.
PSCC win by 4 wickets on 225 runs. 
SCC 89 all out

2014-05-17 19.42.36
Altmananov and Thomas Pedeez

Penn Street is always a good game to start the season and this year was no different. Weather was sufficiently dry and it brightened up as the evening wore on. I undertook a big gamble by bringing Kate and the twins along and may I say, how lovely and supportive everyone was. Hats off to Comrade Altmananov for performing top baby management with a very dribbly Thomas.

PSCC batted first and the wicket which was not very dry and still had a scent of British Spring to it. Our bowling commenced not too badly, myself and Yankheroff starting okay. The latter with 39 off 8 overs – good work, comrade. I was 43 off 9 with a wicket maiden and 2 wickets (that felt nice) – Reevey and Smith, both high on the off stump.

Samovar and Soldya performing like a beautiful duet and the latter catching Sutherland. How reassuring to get stuck into the top three wickets for 95.  Chipmunkski was up for 2 wickets, an catch from Jontin and a clean bowled too. Nib Nib Nib, comrade~! Then shortly after Jontin clean bowled Armiger to much jubilation.

We did our best and had the overs complete for tea at half four. They had notched up a sturdy 225 runs and we knew then that a draw was probably the best option to play for. Shame!

2014-05-17 19.47.04 HDR
It’s all over

In bat, Mullertov and Soldya made not a bad opening. Soldya of course had his eye on his taxi that was waiting to take him into town so perhaps that opened up his style and he was out caught for 5. Highest scorers were Mullertov and Cobramovich at 20 and 19 respectively. 60 balls face by Cobramovich so a good draw making eye.

Chipmunkski has benefited from winter nets and was respectable at 12 off 44 balls. Good and solid work. The rest of us fell to some excellent bowling but I felt that in all, the SCC is improving with the bat – Good work comrades.



PSCC Innings
SCC Innings

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