CBCC win at 122 for 2
SCC at 119 for 9
40 over not timed

There is an air of the grotto about Chesham Bois’ pitch. A little grotto of cricket where we turn up each year and ask Santa for something special. He hasn’t yet delivered to be honest, at least not with a victory. But in terms of welcome and fun, he has provided ten-fold. And there was no rain or drizzle to be seen! So we all got ourselves prepared and found ourselves in bat. I was late, so Vice Cobramovich limbered up and walked out to open with Vlad. What a pair. What a challenge and a great start too. Slow and steady was required and so it was. As captain, I got my order wrong. We slowed too much and gave ourselves a hill to climb.

Vlad took an impressive 28 with a 3 fours and a six. Cobramovich and Chipmonkski notching 19 and 18. Then a lovely 25 from Samovar with a six to boot! But from our overs we had found only 119 and we knew they were going to be tough to budge.

This is where a rigorous, cricket tea talk-down is required, and many fingers were wagged, many tongues loosened, huffty shoulders were shrugged and terse accusations insinuated. All very un-SCC but as we see too much of a smile in each others’ grimace, we returned happier to the field to set about their bats.

The last light for cricket

Facing Withams and Holloway is bound to loosen the surrounding branches and despite an almost fierce opening by myself and Chipmonkski, it wasn’t happening. Being a forgetful Skipper I only bowled five and not the six overs I had planned but it didn’t hurt as we needed a change. My five overs cost 26 and Chipmonkski’s 36. So Yankerhoff and Jontin in. The former saving some face and taking The Golden Duck of Green through a catch – cannot remember who took it. Anyone?

An over each to Brandonoffski and Altmananov. Now a word must be said and a congratulatory one too, to comrade Altmananov! He doesn’t play too often as he under special duties on the Eastern Front. What he does for the mother country is secret with only millions of people knowing. However, when he can, he plays. Rarely yet, he gets a chance to bowl for we prefer to keep his unique delivery weapon under-wraps. But today he bowled and pitched a corker that tempted Holloway to deliver a catch to Samovar. We salute Altmananov!

They had us beat in 15 overs. We just weren’t up to top speed today. However, we dod have a quick and fun 10/10 match after to play some more which was a nice offer. Although we lost that too. But once again, my lovelies, as I said in to comrade commissar Brandonoffski in a pub once, “I don’t want the SCC to turn into some kind of lethal, winning machine!” (Please correct me Pete!)

Do Svidaniya!

CBCCvSCC Our innings 2014
CBCC v SCC Their innings 2014