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SCC AGM Minutes – 28th January 2016


logoBelow are the minutes from our AGM held on 28th January 2016. A very interesting and effective meeting and one which was of course, all the less for the lack of Cobramovich, Tim Graham. From our very first AGM, Tim would be amongst us and gave our meetings a very great sense of meaning and purpose. We did our best, comrade!

SCC AGM NOTES 19:45 on 28th January 2016
The Union Club, Greek Street

Comrades, behold the notes of the AGM as held above. There are places where they are scant and trivial and other places where there is more information than necessary. They are therefore, full and accurate.

The agenda at present is:



  • A quorum was achieved and those present were:
  • Brandonovski, Chipmonkski, Dacha, Hudski, Ilyeva,Yankheroff and Yuri
  • All raised a toast to absent friends.




  • Ilyeva flopped his financial statements onto the table. They are attached.
  • Membership down due to loss of Marx-B and his sons.
  • Keeping ‘home’ games and paying for pitch hire is fine as we are still left with money in the bank at the end of the season.
  • If any member incurs an expense, such as paying for a tea, an invoice is to be presented to the treasurer as soon as possible and repayment made straight away. This to take effect from now on.
  • End of year charitable payment (50% of bank) to go now to two charities:
  • Parkinsons as already provided for.
  • The House of Saint Barnabas. Brandonovski is going to sort out contact and other details and also look into securing some possible future comrades.
  • The MCA cricket oppo want to split costs of Chiswick and we are happy to let them.
  • Membership fees to remain at £50
  • Match fee of £15 for home games scrapped.





  • What is happening about the Serious Cricket kick-back payments? Who was looking into this please?
  • Remain with Serious Cricket but push sales of kit more.
  • Everybody should have at least a shirt if playing.
  • Discussion on further attire. Blazer and tie. The former seen as unlikely at present and the latter more likely – worth investigating.


  • Brandonovski raised discussion held with Stocko of VCC in regards to two items:
  • Cobramovich Memorial match – Date suggested as 19th June 2016. A decent affair with family attraction, food marquee, play for all in some manner. A committee is being raised of four people, two from VCC and likewise from the SCC: Ilyeva and Brandonovski.
  • Memorial cap for Cobramovich. One sporting colours of both SCC and VCC. A VCC designer is creating a design and we were asked if this would be of interest.
  • Yuri was concerned that this would undermine the value of the SCC cap and that it may be a poaching attempt by the VCC. Brandonovski commented that this was a rather low suggestion of Yuri’s.
  • However, Yuri was very keen that at all SCC matches we should be wearing SCC caps, as indeed Cobra would have been, but accepted that for the memorial match, it may be a nice touch.
  • It was decided to see how the costing of such a cap would work out.





  • Our most capped Captain, comrade commissar Jontin was unavailable so we had a broad discussion on various points:
  • Should we appoint a permanent team captain?
  • Championed by Brandonovski, Dacha and Yankheroff:
  • Unified season long view of the team
  • Knowing where players are best
  • Jontin is by far the better captain and shouldn’t be sidelined
  • Opposed by Chipmonkski, Yuri and Ilyeva
  • Founding SCC principle is that all can play and try
  • We need to bring other captains on from our ranks
  • Yuri does not like what he hears from the VCCs use of the fixed captain
  • Deciding compromise was:
  • Create and offer the position of Captain Commissar to Jontin
  • Such commissar will be captain for no more than 50% of our fixtures – but these to be the toughest ones, where experience is vital.
  • Captain Commissar to allocate captains for remaining matches and vice if he is available for those.
  • The SCC-CC to also be responsible for captaincy training.
  • Chipmonkski reported on Lindfield CC match
  • Loved it but would prefer to not captain and also provide the tea for the same match as both jobs proved tricky!





  • This year, once again, all commissariat roles were up for nominations but none of the existing positions were challenged by anyone.
  • As Soldya Grandmaforra-fiver is off to the USA for a good chunk of the season, his commissariat role of Commissar Adjutant was nominated to Hodderoff and was accepted in his absence by Yuri. He had already approved.





  • Fixtures list is now on the blog – Chipmonkski, thank you!
  • Facebook needs to be updated too. Ilyeva used to do this but is now not on facebook. Yuri will do this.
  • Commonly agreed that Yankheroff has done a great job in the fixing the list.
  • LMS unlikely to be able to get a team. Dropped
  • No 20/20s as yet but possible if offered. ie: Taverners if we fancy being thrashed.
  • Hit or Miss CC – day match? Yes, why not?
  • Should we have a two match weekend with Stoke Row and another? Possible date being 2nd July?
  • Yes. FInd a suitable fixture working through them.
  • Accommodation available but we must know fast
  • Winter indoor nets at Lords or the Oval?
  • The notion of Oval indoor nets was considered as it is more economic. At which point, Yankheroff tried to phone them. It was 21:55. Nobody answered.
  • Nets should be regular so we know they are coming, every other week?
  • Winter nets are fine if casual.
  • Nets are tough on the bowlers. Can we join with another club for regular practice? MCA were mentioned.





  • New members event and season drinks to be combined into one do. Date to be arranged by Ilyeva and Yuri. Probably March.
  • The Umpiring Dilemma: Brandonovski had good points to raise:
  • With the terrible loss of Cobramovich and the reluctance to learn to score, leaving Yuri hard at it, we are down two umpires.
  • Should we bring in local umpires to help.
    Yes, but we have to look at the finances and also the availability which we know to be an issue.


  • We must force those who want to play to umpire and score. Training will be forced on them if necessary. No participation, no play.
  • Fielding practice
  • Brandonovski to initiate fielding practice routines and exercises.
  • Turning up late to games reduces our ability to do this and makes us drop catches and be far worse in the field.


    • AOB


  • Russian medals for awards – yes!
  • Clare Chipmonkski to source.
  • Are we getting Value for money from web hosting?
  • In the greater scheme of things, yes. They are a good British host and look after naming, hosting and tech issues fast. Yuri happy to consider other options.
  • Close of proceedings at 22:51




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