Nets – a comrade’s duty!

Comrades welcome!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to come together in fine socialist form and with the sweat of our great collective, practice at our finest of nets. Truly, the weather was for us and it did not rain, yet we were threatened many times. Those comrades that formed our group of five were, Ilyeva (oli), Cobra’mski (Tim G), Antonov (Tony D), Yuri (me) and new blood, Petre Brandonovski (Peter Brandon).

Just below is a little, innocent clip of Brandonovski bowling to Ilyeva. He said he hadn’t ever bowled but there was line and length and plenty of promise, comrades!

Not shown on this film is Brandonovski in bat. Very good eyes, finding balls in the darkness and squarely protecting against them. Very good, comrade. Your place in the middle orders is beckoning.

The Queens, Primrose Hill

Needless to say, we retired at half eight to The Queens in Primrose Hill and had a few choice ales. Talk was all about the season and the oncoming greatness of the SCC. We also got to meet Brandonovski’s patient and charming wife, Mrs. Brandonovski. The table was alive with cricket, chips and ale – is there a better table?

Newsletters and more to come, but Comrades…

Forget not the nets – They help knock the bails and stretch innings to winnings!

Do Svidanya


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