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Match Report: SCC v BOL 27th July 2012

SCC win with 5 balls remaining
105 runs over BOL’s 104

Patchy sun

Olympics 2012… Even if I am not allowed to even think those words outside of copyright, I have! It was the night of the opening ceremony and a night of cricket. The SCC versus Breath Of Life, kind of at home at Regent’s Park, the Hub for a 20-20. The weather was bruising but on the whole it held out. Okay, there was some rain, but not much, comrades!

Yuri [aka Philip Richardson] had his first outing beyond just being the Premier to being Captain too. Frightening and involving a lot of paper gazing and scribbling in the field. He and Sam took the toss and Yuri won, electing to field first. The ground was firm but yielding a little and the light dark and fading – so a brilliant decision, Yuri – 2/10. However, field depth placement was about right throughout the evening even if my positions were poor!

Marie and Nicole

BOL’s Rob and Alex opened the batting and were faced by Chipmonski the bold and imperious [aka Tim Richardson] and Deanov [VCC guest]. The unusual wicket – pacey but not bouncy – was utilised by Chipmonkski with a lovely swerving ball to take BOL’s Rob for 6. He was replaced by BOL’s Oli who also fell to Chipmonkski for 6 – a pattern and happy one too for the field echoed with our signature chirrup “Nib Nib, Nib Nib”

Meanwhile Alex of BOL was putting up a good stand and kept on finding holes in my field. So much so it rather clouded my sense of fair play and I some what densely surrounded new-girl Mary who was fresh to cricket from BOL. Apologies to her, but let’s have a look at the card; although her wicket was expertly taken by a swinging ball from Andropov Sewelski [aka Andrew Sewel] she did face off a dozen balls and I think with some style! Well done, Mary!

We call him Cobramovich

Finn was knobbled for 16 by Deanov’s arm then Sam Kan Kan Captain of BOL and VCC all round fame was next in and he and Alex were together until the latter fell to Chris Curtis – SCC visitor and comrade to be! Sam retired not out after 25 and the latter to batspeople of James and Nicole made 5 and 9 respectively for the last of the 20 overs. This left with the SCC with a target of 104.

The air was squealing with distant shouts… For the Olympic 2012 opening ceremony not us. The sky was darker than dawn and the rain was spitting. So perfect for our innings. Yayyy. Comrades play better in adversity… Good decision, Yuri. Not.

Hatter [aka Dan March… Shall I just write a glossary?] [aka Soldya, yes. I shall write a glossary] opened the batting with Deanov. There was still enough light to make out the glimmer of the approaching bowler and we were off. BOL’s James opened and was followed at the other end by Captain, Sam. Hatter made a Stirling score of 5 before yielding to James but Deanov was away with some solid opening rounds.

James’s next conquest was Andropov. But not for a duck, a rigorous single. Bennettov steps up. He has all of the demeanour of a fine collective adjutant and as such, settled in for a bloody good knock. Despite spells Nicole and Rob, Bennettov got his 25 and was retired to Nib Nib Chipmonkski in. A fine 4 before tempted into LBW off The Cobra, SCC’s Cobramovich.

SCC guest Christ Curtis made a valiant and useful 8 before bowled by James… Familiar pattern. By which time your premier Yuri had scrambled to the crease, this time with his box in the Umpires pocket. Nads too big.

Comrade Jontin joined me at the wicket and we were popping along until I was run out. hat was needed was runs and not my superb test match dotting of the ball. I strolled to the rope with a contented 3.

Now we were down to the last few balls off the last over and a half. Comrade returning Guyev Wilsontin joined Jontin and between them, brilliantly smacked balls about the park from Sam, James and Ollie.

Yuri’s Fly Past

On the first ball of the last over the ball was put into the boundary and Jontin came in with 14 and Guy with 7.

This is the SCC’s first ever victory. It may not have been a two day trial, a one day, slog or a forty over timed match. But it was a 20-20 and it was a victory. Comrades, our motto is now confirmed, Semper Sodales, fors et Victores; Always comrades, maybe occasionally victors!

Thank you, comrades one and all. For details and images of the evil Peppa Pig of losers, please watch this space!


All photographs courtesy of Jontin Savittski copyright 2012

bol score

scc score

Nets – a comrade’s duty!

Comrades welcome!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to come together in fine socialist form and with the sweat of our great collective, practice at our finest of nets. Truly, the weather was for us and it did not rain, yet we were threatened many times. Those comrades that formed our group of five were, Ilyeva (oli), Cobra’mski (Tim G), Antonov (Tony D), Yuri (me) and new blood, Petre Brandonovski (Peter Brandon).

Just below is a little, innocent clip of Brandonovski bowling to Ilyeva. He said he hadn’t ever bowled but there was line and length and plenty of promise, comrades!

Not shown on this film is Brandonovski in bat. Very good eyes, finding balls in the darkness and squarely protecting against them. Very good, comrade. Your place in the middle orders is beckoning.

The Queens, Primrose Hill

Needless to say, we retired at half eight to The Queens in Primrose Hill and had a few choice ales. Talk was all about the season and the oncoming greatness of the SCC. We also got to meet Brandonovski’s patient and charming wife, Mrs. Brandonovski. The table was alive with cricket, chips and ale – is there a better table?

Newsletters and more to come, but Comrades…

Forget not the nets – They help knock the bails and stretch innings to winnings!

Do Svidanya


Nets – 2012 #1

Comrades of the SCC – It had to start sometime and so it has…  NETS!

Thursday 3rd May 2012

18:00 – 20:00

This Thursday, join us at the The Hub, Regent’s Park for two hours of net training and socialising and bloody good time-having. The price for the session will be split between all attendee comrades plus £1.00 so the more the merrier!

If you have bat, pads and gloves, do bring them, but we do have some club kit too. Or, nip down to Lillywhites and buy some there – cheap and cheerful! We shall have fun, whatever!

Very often there is a risk of a beer afterwards – apologies in advance, comrades. It is a risk of the game that socialising may be required. But we face these terrible occurrences as best we can.

See you there!