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Match Report : Lindfield CC v SCC Monday 5th August 2013

Pink Boys
Pink Boys

Match Abandoned due to Rain. 

Well, this is very sad and the first time I have had to blog about an abandoned match. Still, I guess as the years pass I will have to blog on a variety of match adventures and as this is the first in a few seasons, I guess I can’t complain.

What a pity though as some elements of this match were quite unique and coming off the back of the match in St James’ versus Brighton Xiles it was going to form our first tour – Albeit a tour of two! Can it count? Half a match?

It rained for ten minutes in the morning. It rained heavily. But then the sun appeared and right through to the mid afternoon the weather was not bad. Last year we had similar and were out there in thunder and lightening but it was drier. In this match we got no thunder but we got the rain. So what can I say? Well, comrade commissar Jontin was given his first captaincy of the SCC and we were all curious to see how his handling of his comrades would turn out. Before we walked out to field first, he said he would be “tough but loving”. He was “going for a victory for the SCC”. Brave man, I thought. How many other captains have had such lofty ambitions for our band of comrades!

I don’t want to natter too much about fielding figures that cannot be used for stats but I want to thank the Lindfield players that helped us out on numbers. Especially as they faced some superb sledging from their normal team-mates. Normal? Perhaps I should say regular! So big “thank yous” to Andrew Osborne and Chris Wincott.

We broke for tea after a very late end of innings. We must speed up around the field I think! Gorgeous tea prepared by comrade Chipmunkski and his most excellent partner, Clare! Thank you both. May I just add that I was responsible for the chopping of the boiled eggs for the mayo sandwiches? Quite special. Quite extra special. And as we ate The Feast of Chomestocles the rain fell down outside. It didn’t stop for a goodly amount of time. And after some probing and head rubbing by the grounds man and team – the match was abandoned.

For your amusement alone I have attached the fielding figures below – why not? I also posted the rather charming picture of comrades Brandonovski, Robski and Ilyeva. All seduced by the pink side and thrusting their bulbous colours into your faces. How delightful!

Ever forwards, comrades!