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PSCC v SCC Saturday 15th May 2021

Sadly, one of our fave fixtures had to be cancelled before it even began. Snaffled out by the dreadful weather at the weekend – in fact, for the week before. It left the ground a slippery, sodden mess. Penn is a classic and we have investigated a new date, but they are very booked up. We shall see. Sorry comrades!



Penn Street CCCANCELLED0.0No Result
Soho Cricket CollectiveCANCELLED0.0No Result


Friday 13th lives up to its rep!

Friday Weather

Comrades! It is with great, socialist miz-oggness that we must forget this Friday’s fixture.

Friday 13th is typically unlucky (although not generally for us) and it has struck the SCC down hard. First Quantel couldn’t use their ground and now not only can I not find one to hire but the forecast for Friday is utterly poop! The days before will not help the ground either 🙁

But let me take this opportunity, comrades, to urge you to LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN…

  1. Friday 27th July 2012 commencing at 17:30, SCC v  Breath of Life 20-20: Let us know.
  2. Monday 6th August 2012 afternoon evening, LCC v SCC, Sussex. Beautiful village, beautiful game. Let us know.
  3. Sunday 12th August 2012 afternoon evening, RCC v SCC: Book your Ticket To Ryde and let me know if you are available! 
Ryde is actually the most key one for you to arrange now as you will need to book camping/hotel and ferry too. SO GET ON IT. But please confirm if you can play NOW!
Thank you all comrades!