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Match Report: Ryde CC v SCC 12th August 2012

Pete Tully smacks it hard
Pete Tully smacks it hard

RCC win by 96 making 174 runs
SCC all out for 78
40 over match

Ryde CC is nestled in the woods just south of Ryde on the Isle of Wight. A beautiful place, a stunning ground, gorgeous weather and bloody difficult to get the team together! I think the ferry cost is a big part but comrades, what a match it makes.

There was a little camping festival nearby at Carpenter’s Farm, Chipmonkski, Brandonovski, Yuri, Antonov, Ilyeva and Robski, associated family and loved ones, cars, vans and too much food. So, come Sunday the team gurgled into fine tempered form. Joining us were captain Cobramovich, Jontin, Davidof Hooperski and Petrov Tully of the Xiles and one of our founder members, Dil Dhillon.

Into battle. Captain Cobramovich put us to bat. Openers for us were Davidof and Brandonovski. Slow and steady was the word of the day and both had the right idea. Brandonovski was the first down. A valiant dozen dots on the sheet before being bowled by Stevens. Antonov strolls in, newly returned to the fold after a shocking bicycle fall, nearly blinded by a granny basket. His half dozen dots helped us along but he was soon out again by Stevens, again for 0.

Naughty Antonov
Naughty Antonov

Comrade commissar Treasurer Ilyeva was in. And out for 0. But there was controversy over his stumping? The bail had fallen but twice that day we had to speak with the umpires as the bails were badly placed. So not sure about how Ilyeva was taken. Windy out there.

Captain Cobramovich… A white silken figure slides into the crease opposite Davidof. By now the latter has knocked up 9 until bowled Hackett. Cobramovich now settling in is joined by Chipmonkski. Can this partnership halt the utter collapse. Can the nibbling talent fight it out. Sadly not. Chipmonkski nobbled for 0. The feeling of sliding down a greased slope of ice, butt naked and oiled up to the maximum is something we are all aware of and felt as slippery and predictably the SCC outcome as a nine month sentence for Gerbil abuser. But wait, Robski is in.

He and Cobramovich have some fun and stall the RCC’s onslaught. Captain C finally caught behind for 14. But Robski was kept company by Yuri. 3 runs scored by him and a number of dots. Robski out for 6 off Taylor. Arrive Petrov. Boy, keen was he for the making of runs. When Yuri headed in he was passed by a defiant Jontin. These two, Petrov and Jontin then set about some ball smackery. Petrov taking 19 until LBW Shipley. Dil was briefly in before Jontin was bowled for 21.

In the field we work. Good job because the team of youngsters that RCC fielded were county colts and keen to belt the ball all over the pitch. Bowling openers were Petrov and Yuri. The former bowling 10 overs for 23, and 2 maidens AND 3 wickets. Good work comrade. Yuri bowling 9 for 38 and a wicket catch by Robski.

Chipmonkski had a tidy bowl nibbling 7 overs for for 33. Great accuracy and useful numbers. Cobramovich fed their desire to smack and generated a lovely and useful wicket. Antonov, despite only bowling 1.3 overs took two wickets, one bowled and caught. His chest deflection was particularly spectacular.

Guest Hooper
David Hooper at rest

Ilyeva ran a marvellous match, saving and returning some vital balls. Robski was fab in wicket and now becoming quite adept. Jontin pouched a beauty of a catch. Davidof made some good deep field defence. Brandonovski, despite a calf injury, valiantly fought on. Dil… A fine figure on his home ground and a good arm to boot.

That night, after a loss, we won with barbecue and beer and a closing ceremony for the Olympics too. Thank you, comrades. Vive la revolution.

SCC innings

RCC innings