AGM 2014 – Wednesday Jan 22nd 2014

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri


It is AGM time once again. The date and time is 19:00 on Wednesday January 22nd 2014 at The Union Club, Greek Street. We know these events are hardly heaving do’s so we have reserved a usual back table on the ground floor.


  • Agenda Content:
    I have of course provided the agenda below. IF you want to add a major point to it, then please email me at by 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014. There will be AOB at the end of the AGM but that will only be officially considered with rapidity!
  • Commissar positions:
    Commissar positions will be voted for based on the following elements:

    • Commissar Premier – Presently Yuri
      • Moral leadership
      • Fixture selection
      • Blog
    • Commissar Treasurer – Presently Ilyeva
      • Financial responsibility
      • Fixture selection
      • Multi-media comrade
    • Commissar Fixtures – Presently Yankheroff
      • Securing Day-Match fixtures
      • All Fixtures scheduling Operations
    • Commissar Quartermaster – Presently Brandonovski
      • Kit and Equipment provision
      • Securing 20/20 Fixtures
    • Commissar Adjutants – Presently Soldya
      • Communication comrades
      • Specialist situation handlers
    • Commissar Cultural Attache – Presently Cobramovich
    • Commissar Captains – Presently Jontin, Cobramovich, Marx-B, Yuri
      • Those who captain the team or are expected to captain the team in the season will automatically adopt the commissar epithet.
    • If I hear of no difference in opinion before 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014, these are the roles that will come into existence for the 2014 season and the comrades undertaking those roles.
    • Nominations can be from oneself or from a third party with the agreement of that nominated and must be submitted for the agreed roles of commissar by 23:59 Friday 17th January 2014.
    • If there are challenged positions, the AGM will vote on the those nominated and the successful nominee be allocated the role he/she was nominated for immediately and for the whole of the 2014 season.
    • At this time, the roles of commissar Premier and commissar Treasurer cannot be nominated for and rest with Yuri and Ilyeva, as at present. HOWEVER at the AGM a vote can be held on whether these roles should be voted for at the January 2015 AGM.
The Union Club
The Union Club

The agenda at present is:

  1. YURI
    1. Is there a quorum of 3? This season’s new quorum minimum.
    2. Welcome and note those present.
    1. Financial statements for 2012
    2. What is in the bank?
    3. Statements of account
    4. Expenditure and Income report
    5. Charitable donation report
    6. Membership fees for 2014
  3. BRANDONOVSKI (possible representation by report due to skiing – is that communistic?)
    1. Quartermaster’s report
    2. Plans for 2014
    1. Cultural Attaches report on 2013
    2. Plans for 2014
    1. Captains’ reports
    2. Plans for 2014
  6. YURI
    1. Commissariat voting
    1. Day fixtures list 2014
    2. 20/20 fixtures list 2014
  8. YURI
    1. Any other business?
    2. MARX:
      1. Is it time for a tour?
      2. Special duties for Captain Commissar – “comrade in charge of writing the team song”
    3. Close

Thank you Comrades!

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