Soho Cricket Collective vs Wenlock Arms CC



TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Soho Cricket Collective213735Win
Wenlock Arms CC1401029.2Loss

Soho Cricket Collective

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets

Wenlock Arms CC

Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets


A stirling bunch of comrades

As comrade commissar Medvedev says in the video, an outstanding team effort and nobody could disagree. This fixture has been marred by bad weather and cancellation so to get as far as playing was a success for all, but to achieve victory was one for us alone. Great spirit throughout from the opposition of course and the benefit of experiencing their namesake pub and ground of choice son nearby. Springfield Park proved a pleasant surprise, for although a municipal pitch, it was large and tree lined. The sun shone and the over all feeling of joi de vie was all encompassing. The toss got us batting and we were off.


Medvedev and new friends.

Looking at those batting figures proves a rare fact given of experience and better ability in depth – all bats scored double figure – except for premier Yuri. But it counts as a double as Soldya states, 2 is basically to 1s, which is two figures in anyone’s books. Medvedev, Malikovich and Brandonovski really striking a pace there. Medvedev and skipper showing the way, not out at 52. Such a great and perfect comrade to have joined us – we salute you, comrade!

There was a rain interruption of about fifteen minutes but it passed away and apart from dampening and smudging the writing on my newly created A3 scoring sheets (deal with the grandeur comrades, deal with it!) there was no negative effect. There was a break for some sustenance and water before we quickly turned around having left the oppo to scale the heights of 213 for 7 off our given 35 overs. …. Wow. Good work.

In the field and bowling, a delight. Of course, we cannot fail to mention the work of Soldya and his 3 wickets off 7 for 41. He can stand rigid next to his determination, quivering only in his delightful flight. (No, I do not know either sometimes). Good clean bowling across the board and economy a plenty.

In the end we had them off 29.2 overs and they had made it up to 140. A strong victory comrades. Congratulations to skipper and all. Great work.

WACC v SCC 2019 scc innings
WACC v SCC 2019 wacc innings



Date Time League Season
26 May 2019 13:00 Not a league 2019


Springfield Park

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