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VCC won by 66 Runs with 184 for 4
SCC at 118 runs for 9
Friendly4 20-20

A full and interesting match report is yet to be filed by Brandonovski, who is captaining our 20/20 tournament – please call back. In the mean time, here are some Cobramovich stats and also some pictures!

 Cricketing Grandees!

1 round of matches down, 2 more to go: Both simultaneously-played double headers from now on – next Fri 6 June & then 11 July – and all at North Middx in Crouch End.  Please find full scorecards to date attached. There is a small mistake on scc v vcc as SCC no 10 Ileyva was actually out stumped on the last ball of innings, giving Maximus 3 wickets and VCC 9 in total rather than 8.
Here’s the full situation to date…
3. LMS MARTIANS 4 points (equal on runs, but ahead of Soho on no deductions imposed and less wickets lost)
23 May
RTCC (170-7) beat London Marshes Select (118-6) by 52 runs
RTCC gain 12 points:
+13: 10 for win, 2 for 2 sixes hit (Pipones, Spee), 1 for Aymon Spee scoring over 40 (42 n.o.),
-1: for “A Jagan’s inappropriate choice of trouserware!”

LMS gain 4 points:

+4: 3 for scoring 100 runs in defeat, 1 for bowler taking 3 wickets (Smith).
30 May
VCC (185-7) beat Soho Cricket Collective (118-9) by 67 runs
VCC gain 14 points:
+15: 10 for win; 3 for 6’s (Atif 1, Maximus 2); 1 for 40+ batsman (Maximus, 48); 1 for 3 wickets by bowler (er, Maximus, again!)
-1:  Breach of league rule 6 regarding ‘witty sledging’ (and the Corinthian amateur spirit of league) by Martin ‘Captain Lavender’ Stockman, in shouting to his fielders “Well done Currymen, we’re doing a nice professional job on them”. The words ‘professional’ and ‘job’ are of course completely unacceptable, reeking as they do of modern win at all costs corporate sport.
Soho gain 4 points:
+ 5: 3 for 100+ by losing team; 1 for 6’s  (Hodderov 1); 1 for 40+ (Hodderov, 51 n.o. / retired)
-1:  For a combination of minor breaches of league rules 7 & 8 by  vice-captain Jontin Savittski – alleged dissent (brooding/glowering?) while batting and sporting a green ‘designer’ ‘cricket’ jumper.
2014-05-30 17.51.36
Power to the comrades!


Match 1 (23 May): Simon Clarke, (Railway Taverners) – for prompt reporting and being the first to dock his own side points.
Match 2 (30 May): Shared by Maximus Spartacus (VCC) – for mischievous good humour and smiling throughout a great all-round display – and Tomasz Hodderov (SCC) for his dignified demeanour in over-coming 2 dropped catches to pouch the next 2, then modestly blasting the top individual score of the league to date.
*Sponsored by Sam ‘Kan Kan’ Kankanamge, the eventual winner of ‘Gent of The Tournament’ will receive 2 free sports therapy sessions at his renowned Breath of Life clinic!
Please distribute this mail to your team-mates, and look forward to seeing y’all next Friday.


2014-05-30 20.01.26
Out at last. Sweet.
VCC innings F4 2014
SCC Innings F4 2014