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MATCH REPORT – Keble College CC v SCC Saturday 6th June 2015

Keble CC win 143
SCC all out for 85

Analitch scoring
Analitch scoring

Comrades, what is the soul of a good, SCC cricket match? Is it a victory? Is it the best team selection and tactics? Is it perhaps the the best pub or village green? Not for me. I suggest it is a match where the oppo understand us and enter truly into the spirit of the match. I am not entirely sure that this fixture was one of those. But what it lacked in soul, it gained in achievement as we were all happy to actually have this fixture after having lost it last year.

The ground was quite attractive and the boundaries not too far away, who knows, we may reach one. The comrades were all in their finest and we fielded first under the new captaincy of our great Soldya (Dan March). Indeed, it was his alumni that we faced on the field of battle. Although, they were a little more youthful. Some had just had an exam in the morning. Some had just been to the pub before coming to the match, some had just been to the pub before not coming to the match. They were seven strong at their best.

Rupert spies on Dad
RUPERT SNEAKS UP ON DAD Pic: by Andrew Sewell

We fielded first and were first to realise how very windy it was. Incredibly windy. Really, jolly windy. Our PAWS were struggling with babies, balls and the gale. They soon were seeking cover and hurrying away. But so great to see them there and I hope we shall organise another PAWS heavy match soon, without the wind.

Let me do some rounding up, if it is all right with you? Captain Commissar Adjutant Soldya held the field set firm. Nothing sloppy here. Jontin was helping and we were off. Openers Yuri and Hodderoff were bowling across the wind, almost helpfully!? Fourth ball of my first over, wicket taken of Hardie. Which was nice. It was the only I got but was pleased enough with 25 off 6 overs.

Dilworth was more stubborn and hung on in there. A good bat, fairly steady. Hodderoff was fast and accurate and unlucky not to take a wicket. Changing out brought in Lallingrad and Yankers. And not wanting to change form, Lallingrad bowled Harris in his first over having scored 21. Great work Lallingrad.

The next wave of attrition came from Yankheroff who was reall yin great form. Dilworth out, caught. Then Robertson and Lord both out, caught. One of these was a most excellent bowled and caught, Yankheroff. A real instinct catch and well held.

Their last man was Field and he was caught off Soldya for 8. Their score 143 for 6 off 33.2 That then was the target.

Special mention to Owenoff Sewellski who was twelve years old recently and played a great fielding match for us. He was keen to chase, stop and had a great arm when throwing the ball. A worthy comrade who impressed us all.

And now to the sordid affair which was tea. It looked more like a student’s fridge on the last day of term. I cannot remember if we paid tea money for it, if we owe it, we shall happily provide £6.21 to cover it. Hmmm. Along with the fact that one of my overs was delayed by the umpire being on the phone for nearly two minutes, you can tell I was less than impressed.

Soldya Batting
Soldya Batting

Time to bat, our sides not aching from delicious egg and cress sandwiches. We all felt lighter after tea, the effort of consumption outweighing calorific value. Openers were Sewellski and Soldya. The former was sterling and notched up 11 and included was a super boundary 4. BRAVA!

Maintaining the mantra of fair play, he was caught out by Hodderoff! We lent him to the oppo who were still painfully short. Good catch Hodders, unlucky Sewellski!

Soldya left the door open and Gilbert bowled him for 1. Jontin and Atif appeared. Uncharacteristically, the latter was soon walking back in with barely a dot to his name. The omens were bad. Young blood, Owenoff resiliently dotted away but was caught off pacey Gilbert.

Hodderoff fell to the same bowler for 6 scored. This bowler was clearly not the 2nd XI type we are accustomed too and accounted for 5 of our bats – yawn! The collapse was in full, uncontrollable flow. Lallingrad LBW off Gilbert. Ilyeva caught off Lord for 2. Yuri in for a lonesome single and that gave he and Yankheroff (not out) the long walk back together. Let’s get home and check on the babies.

SCC all out for 85 off 20.3

It was nice of Keble to get the fixture to occur and they were a nice crowd. However the match fell short of having the spirit that we lust after.

Comrades, Do Svidaniya!